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Hello, I’m an Okere City Shea Butter convert.

In personal news, my tin of Okere Shea butter is done!!! Why is this important, because it has changed my life.

I got it in March 2022 during a trip to Okere City, a transformational place in Otuke District, Northern Uganda, that you all need to visit.

My introduction to Shea butter was through the medium of massage by the soothing hands of a lady that had travelled with us on the exploration trip for this sole purpose. My entire body was gently pampered with this Shea butter and I was comforted by it’s subtle smell.

The biggest concern I’ve heard when recommending it to friends is the smell but from my experience, you should be good. It’s not overpowering like some of the usual cosmetic products. But maybe that’s just me. 

My usual Vaseline tin back home had run out just before the trip so I decided to get a 250gm tin for myself and continue using it for science. I mean, they said it’s good as a mild sunscreen too and with skin like mine that’s not sun-friendly, yes the melanin is not always enough, I was curious.

That 250 gm has lasted for 5 months with daily thorough use. That’s longevity, people.

All my boxes are ticked. I’m a convert.

It’s made by a community that’s trying to transform itself. With a product that’s abundant in their area code. And capable individuals from the community leading the movement. And the product delivers more than it promised. What’s not to like?

I’m definitely biased so I’ll be getting more. Get yourself one if you are thinking organic products, and BUBU, and community development.


Written by Byagaba Roland

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