It is a Friday night, the air is warm and humid, like it has been for last 4 weeks, but, there is an extra something special in the air tonight, it carries a heavy scent of promise.

A young restless Phil enters his favourite watering hole. You see, he is recently fresh from leave and is finding it hard to adjust to the humdrum of daily routine.

‘Yo Josh’, he bellows at the barman, ‘pass me my poison’.

Josh slides over 2 Niles, coz he knows Phil, and Phil on a night like this will gallop the first beer with the thirst of an escaped dolphin that has just trekked across a desert to get back to the ocean. Josh is always awed by Phil’s thirst.

Phil doesn’t disappoint, and in 2 seconds, one of the Niles is wondering if it hallucinated the existence of its contents. Phil grabs the second Nile, and you can actually feel it tremor seeing as it has just witnessed the quick demise of it comrade. Phil, takes a sip and relaxes his shoulder as the feels the contents of the first Nile cross the between

‘True reward from the source indeed!’ he bellows at Josh with the smile of a man whose worries have been cleansed by the magic wand of alcohol on his face.

Phil turns his attention to the rest of the occupants of the watering hole and starts looking for a target to quench his other thirst. As he executes his 180 degrees sweeping glance across the room and adjusts his eyes to the lighting, he spots her at angle 75 and his neck does an involuntary jerk as his consciousness tries to catch up with the vision of thirst quenching femininity his eyes have locked on.

‘Target acquired!’, the thirst demon, that lives in Kiwafu zone of the lower part of his brain, mischievously whispers.

Tracy has been watching him since his flamboyant entrance and she feels a long and slow shiver of excitement as Phil’s eyes lock on her and drink in her presence. Despite the flimsy excuse of a dress she has on that keeps on struggling to cover her ample soft womanly curves, she feels naked under his intense gaze. She feels herself break into a feverish sweat, despite the fact that she is seated right under the air conditioning. To combat the fever of lust that is sweeping over her, she takes a long sip on her Black Ice to cool her off and chokes when her corrupted mind finds itself thinking about what alternatives Phil’s body might have for her to sip on. Her body turns a deep shade of maroon as she rebukes herself for not being able to keep her thirst in check. This chastity resolution sounded like a good idea at the beginning of the year, but 3 weeks in and she was already failing, massively.

Phil watches all this with his beady eyes, and from where he stands, it’s like the girl is melting right before him. His mutual-thirst sensor is blinking red now and he feels several parts of his body start to harden. Josh follows Phil’s gaze and he smirks when he sees the target of Phil’s attentions. With a knowing chuckle, he pours a shot of Richot and hands it to Phil who takes it swiftly, almost swallowing the shot glass along with it. He then smoothens his moustache without breaking his intense cross room examination of his target. The 2nd Nile, which had started relaxing after being ignored while all this took place, breaks into a sweat again after watching the annihilation of the shot.


As if on cue, the DJ starts playing ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO and Phil’s waist starts gyrating on auto-pilot easy easy. He grabs the terrified Nile and starts rhythmically moving towards Tracy in a half dance, half walk, his gaze never leaving her scrumptious-looking form. The only change in his demeanour is the wide ear to ear smile that has spread across his face, showing off his wall of white dentals. This is his trump card, and he knows the effect it has on the ladies.


Tracy sees him approach and her breath catches. Everything else in the room disappears when he smiles. That smile will cause riots, she thinks to herself. ‘Heck it’s already causing riots in certain parts of her body’, a voice whispers naughtily from the right upper corner of her brain. The smile does things to her vision and makes it seem like the dude is a hologram floating towards her. ‘You are seeing the light, the thirst light!’ another voice declares, this time from somewhere in the centre of her brain. The voices in her head always seemed to double when the thirst hit, she mused, briefly, before her attentions returned to the thirst quencher approaching her.

Phil reached her just as the DJ switched to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual healing’. Phil made a mental note to buy that DJ a crate of whatever he took the next time they collided. The girl looked at him, as if coyly, but that did little to hide the desire in her features. She was trying to fight his effect on her, so he stretched his smile by an extra millimetre and watched as her eyeballs rolled directionless in  her eye sockets, knocked out senseless by the might of the extra stretch of dental awesomeness he had exposed. He held her waist, just so he could catch her in case he had overdone the smile move and knocked her out cold. It had happened a few times before, till he had learnt what doses to apply for different specimens.

When she had recovered, he leaned in to whisper in her ear. But first, he made sure he tickled her ear lobes with the tip of his magnificent moustache and smiled inwardly when he felt her body tremor in his hands.

For all Tracy knew, it was a wrap. She was getting her bones shaken for sho tonight. Done, signed, stamped and sealed, finito! But she was still curious to hear what he would say. He paused at her ear for a few seconds after that body numbing moustache tickle, and then asked one question, in a voice so manly it had backup singers, ‘Hamana?’

She felt her flimsy underwear apparate as the word/question brought her to her first O of the night.

The bottle of Nile felt a swell of pride wash over it, feeling totally honoured to have been held by a man possessing such intense game.

Josh, who had been watching with a bemused smile from the bar, shook his head in wonderment and added two beers to Phil’s tab. The hamana move never let Phil down.

PS:Hamana‘ as used in this story means a steady pelvic thrust. Alternative meanings can be found on Urban Dictionary.


Written by Rolex (6)

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