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Gratitude for those that have been with me on my Keto Diet journey.

We all know the saying “Health is wealth”. 2 years ago, as I reacquainted myself with God, I constantly heard this and felt nudged to be intentional about my health. In 2018, I reconnected with an old schoolmate, Lakeli Atamba who is crazy about nutrition, wellness and fitness. I started out on her program and she actually introduced me to the Keto diet. At the start I was overwhelmed by the information and didn’t think it for me. She still advised me with regards to exercises and continues to cheer me on so gracefully. Thank you Rhona! 

Fast forward to 2019, I discovered Rogers’ Bites and in August, on the 15th, to be precise, I literally handed over my life to Roger and his team. Little did I know what I was in for. One day I will detail my experience on the Keto diet! For now, all I can say is that my life is not the same. I have never been challenged like I have been in the past what is coming to 3 months, this Friday.

Now, they say diets do not work in isolation. My coach and friend, Bix Veron – Forever Young Fitness always says you can never out-train a bad diet and indeed, this is true. Bix Veron has been a part of my life for a while. I am privileged to not only know him in a professional capacity, but also, as a friend. In fact, in many ways he is almost like a big brother to me. I am deeply inspired by his passion and commitment to transforming lives at The Strength Lab. I am in awe of his tenacity; failure is not an option. Through the depression, through the grief, Steve has never once given up on me. 

When I embarked on this Keto journey, I knew for sure that The Strength Lab was the place that would challenge me in all the right ways. While I had walked out of the gym 2 years prior, I am humbled that this place is a space I can still call home. Thank you for welcoming me back home and rebuilding this new version of me with me. If you are looking for a place to safely strength train and condition, The Strength Lab should be at the top on the list of places to check out while you write those New Year’s resolutions.

Last night I was chatting with some people about the prayers we innocently make. We invite God into our lives to do the work of a surgeon and once He comes in, it seems like the theatre has never known anaesthesia. It’s funny that being on the Keto diet has been that for me. It’s amazing how God uses the most unexpected things to reveal Himself. While I am learning more about discipline every day, I am also learning about God’s heart for me. In this season, I have seen the Father’s gentleness and reassuring forgiveness. Something I have struggled to accept for so long. I am learning to unload, to unburden, and that accepting God’s forgiveness has to be deliberate every day. I am learning to be patient and know that there’s a bigger picture to all of this.

I am sharing all this in the hopes that you do not give up on you with every day that passes. I pray you to know that God will use everything to show you how much he cares about you and how badly He is pursuing you!

Special mention to my office faves Gloria W Nanfuka and Becky Katagaya who have laughed, and cried with me every time I received anything creamy on the menu ? (#creamykidney #creamyliver) Thank you for always reminding me of the bigger picture, but also for being so gentle and tender and kind ?

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