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From my heart

My queen come dance with me

You touch the smoothest point

of my infinite love

You sound inside me like a

heart beat

Your breath floats through my

delicate nose like a waft of

an enmeshed royal rose

One more step will get me

hit the right bottom

I float on the wave of desperation

flanked by ashes of endless desire

Am so brittle at any beading rain

Walk me right through the unfolded

umbrella of protection

Conjugate my lips with your sweet

electrocuting tongue

Loneliness threatens my existence

Am sick of failure

Tell me you love me and that would

set me right back to my health

Move the stone of dubiousness out

of my slapdash path

Meander the Lagoon of Blue River

all round my Heart

so we can navigate through

every nuance of its corner

Your smile is sweet enough to erase

the most evil of my deeds

Let it loose on me and I will be

sinless in the name of love

Wipe the weeping tears burdening

the apex of my chin and I would

know the most important gift to

Humanity IS LOVE

God really took his time to craft you

and that is why you appear

flawless to me, no matter whatever

angle I incline myself to get a

view of your matchless beauty

Am so full of you, my woman

Would you be full of me?

My heart yells at me every time

I switch off from you

That curve,

That waist,

That dome-shaped breast

So tender, gripping and smooth

Peeping through the V-shaped tanktop

The sight strikes me hard

in the heart below

I feel unsecured in the dens of

scavenging predators alike

Whatever cold your heart maybe!

Am hot enough to warm it up!

I cry

I fly

so high

full flight

at night

searching for you

The days are cold and

the nights are hot

That is how I feel

not much of myself lately

It’s eating me up

I think of you

I starve my body

I nourish my cells not

Am doing this for you

coz you own me

your absence is ripping me apart

I can’t console myself

My love booms like a blossom of the

Spring flowers blended

by the crimson twilight

The sky would be our roof

and the ocean our playfield

The fish would be our spectators

The cliff would be our palace wall

The Milky Way would paint the

path to our intricate palace

A million stars hang loose

over our head

They request to shine unconditioned

The moon pledged to command them

Am intrigued by their appeasing loyalties

Why don’t we join them and see

the unmatched beauty

nature has to offer?

So magical and sophisticated

that night would be!

Piled up

Stuck up

Cuddled in each other’s arms

Thoughtless and sleepy like a baby

Coiled under his mother’s arms

Heavenly gods approved you

You enchanted them with that

sort of eternal beauty

Am humbled

In a lifetime I feel am the happiest

man ever to walk the earth

coz you are the only woman

 I ever loved truly

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Written by Joshua .O. Obura (0)

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