Endearments, Usage Discretion Advised!

Ladies, please, I beg, use discretion with your endearments. Don’t be throwing around words like dear, sweetheart, honey…fwaa. These words might make collision with some gullible/suggestible chap who has a crush on you and it gets to their head.

Like that one time in o’level when that girl I thought was really cool wrote me a letter and the word sweetheart made an appearance twice. I couldn’t concentrate in class for like a week. When I finally replied, that must have been the most love struck letter I’d ever written, sprayed with perfume even. And then the chick never replied.

Or that other girl I met in a yahoo chat room and eventually took the conversation to hi5. After a few months of regular chatting, she called me honey and added she really wished we could meet. I enthusiastically replied telling her how I felt the same, how I sensed a connection between us and littered the reply with a few choice endearments of my own for effect. Needless to say, that was the last I heard from her. Sigh.

Soooo, yeah…easy on those bu words. I realise they are effective when you are trying to get something out of guys, but wars have been fought over smaller issues. We’ve been told, ‘you snooze you lose’, so don’t blame us for trying to pounce when we spot a window of opportunity.

Henewe, what am I even saying…feel free to use all manners of endearments on me. You may even go ahead to apply the light lingering touch or full blown hug. That ish feels good. Plus, I’m wiser now, most of the time anyway.

As for guys that are not playing for the other team, and yet still use endearments on fellow guys, may the popes presence in the country fix this.


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