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Edge of the Continent

White sands and aged seaweed

Bright light and coloured smiles

These are what you find at the Edge of the continent.

Endless beach and uplifting winds

Waves, recurring and perpetual

Peoples families couples and individuals

All gathered at the Edge of the continent

The compelling abyssal of the oceanic bed

The turquoise hue of the sky at the coast

The breathtaking view! , Omwaaro! , Mtazamo ya kupendeza!, Subarashii!

Walking along the beach

Toe-nails deep in the sand

Face lit like a candle

Hair filled with coastal air

You enjoy the soft push of the breeze

Gently tugging at you

Nudging you towards the waters

The salty waters

The life burrowing its way through the sand

Swimming in the aqua

Chilling at the beach

Right between raging waters and still lands

The Edge of the Continent

The clash of order and chaos constantly dancing and switching places

A place for thought and contemplation

Inquiry and reflection

Carefreeness and fun

Loss of self in its embrace is inevitable

The coastal kiss leaves you weightless and burdenless

And just like the effect of the words of a lover

One’s heart is drowned in ecstasy.

Maniple Denzel Everd


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Written by Maniple Denzel

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