Eating Out: Nina’s Restaurant

“When you go out to eat,¬†don’t¬†eat as a chef” Those where the farewell words our¬†trainer¬†told us. As professional chefs, we have tried it but, its plain impossible. As a chef I look for perfection or¬†at-least¬†something really close and that has cost me. My friends and family¬†don’t¬†want to eat out with me because they say am fussy and¬†criticize¬†everything. And why not I ask? When I go to a place and it has something on the menu, they should be in position to do it well especially since am paying hard earned money for it. Wouldn’t¬†you agree?

Just the other day I walked into NINA’S restaurant right next to Christ the King Church. Its spacious and was silent with just a handful of people. It was not very organised and not welcoming. Just chairs and shaky tables.¬†We were seated for awhile before we were¬†attended¬†to and when we finally were given some attention I was told they¬†didn’t¬†have a menu. I found that disappointing cause now I had to cram when the waiter was listing what was available, but they¬†didn’t¬†have alot so it¬†wasn’t¬†alot of work. They had a buffet of local food, chips, chicken and liver or sausages. That was it! This is a place in the middle of town.

After alot of questions why they¬†didn’t¬†have this and that I settled for the buffet and my mate had “chips with liver”. We had to pay the over priced bill before we could eat.
Had to walk around the very brief buffet i sat down to feast. Food was cooked to a degree close to perfection ¬†and had very few complaints mainly because its local food and¬†there’s¬†little fuss. Local food¬†doesn’t¬†have to be cooked right or over cooked. We believe the longer it cooks the better. Right? The only fuss is on seasoning and texture which the chef had mastered in this case. I would recommend the buffet. When I was about done with my 4 Star meal, the chips and liver arrived.

 When I go to a place and it has something on the menu, they should be in position to do it well especially since am paying hard earned money for it.

The portion size was disappointing as the liver was barely there. There¬†wasn’t¬†any salad on the plate and worst of all the “chips” were not salted. Yes, I tasted! Since the tables where not assembled with condiments we had to seek the attention of a waiter to ask for salt which took forever as they considered us sorted with our food.
It was about 1 pm and it was crowded by mainly Catholics from mass and brokers with land titles meeting buyers.

My lowest moment at the restaurant was watching the manager, a gentleman, chase a group of people out of the restaurant because they were just sitting yet their drinks had emptied. As customer service goes that was really wrong. I was taught, one happy customer equals a million

All in all, NINA’S restaurant I believe is¬†slacking¬†back a little too much. For a restaurant in the middle of town, they leave alot to desire.

  • The staff should smile more, they are like robots up to get your order and money and¬†deliver¬†the food. Whatever happened to service with a smile?
  • They need to make a menu and put somethings on it. Most people like me like variety to choose from.
  • Food production should be faster, anything longer than 20 minutes is too long and I say that as a chef.
  • Portion sizes should be increased or prices reduced.
  • Toilets could be cleaner especially since its the same one for both men and women.
  • Since am not one to go out and dine on local food (cause its in abundance at home) I would give this restaurant a 3/10, and a plea for improvement.


Written by Muwado - The African Storytelling Platform (1)

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.

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