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Cultural Marxism, the Attack on Traditional Christianity and the Resultant Anarchy of the Apocalypse

I read an article some time back titled “The Origins of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness” by a certain Jefrey D. Breshears. Now in the past I had as little interest in political themes as the next person but for the past two years, with the trajectory my life has taken, having a solid, objective (in my subjective opinion) view of the world, and its history (from a spiritual perspective because I realized most people focus on the secular perspective) has become a non-negotiable requirement. Long story short, this was one of the most brilliantly incisive papers I had ever read on what I would term “a brief history of the last 100 years from a spiritual point of view”.

It begins with Karl Marx and his vision of an ideal socialist world. His theories are soon put into practice by countries like Russia where the communists are behind the Bolshevik revolution that in later years consumes most of Eastern Europe via the Soviet Union, with countries like Hungary and Cuba also getting in on the act. It is in these places that state atheism first becomes a “thing” and religion condemned as being detrimental to the communist cause.

Unfortunately for the very first communist states, the creation of a worldwide communist government (a cause Che Guevara gave his life for) was focused more on the “tangible” elements of human society like the economy, class warfare based on the social ladder, and the ownership of the means of production. Interestingly, it was in the USSR that censoring speech for being “politically incorrect” first showed up on the scene. Regardless, the communist agenda backfired. The Soviet Union fell and was soon followed by the Hungarian communist government. They had failed to convert the West. They had made a huge miscalculation, and, in hindsight, an ambitiously naïve strategy.

Enter Antonio Gramsci. Enter, also, the famous Frankfurt School. Mr. Gramsci and his colleague Georg Lukacs had figured out that a physical, violent revolution would not work to propagate the communist agenda. For that, something much cleverer, much more subtle, had to be undertaken. They had noticed why the West, especially in Europe, had fought communism so viciously: Christianity. With this incredibly gigantic, ancient foe against them, they had to get a plan B. There had to be a cultural revolution first, and a revolution in the mind before one in the flesh could follow. They had to attack traditional Christianity in a way that had not been attempted before.

Gramsci and Lukacs posited that in order to export communism to the West, the path had to be cleared first by subverting the Christian Church through the undermining of morals, the promotion of secularism and atheism, and the monopoly of education and science, especially in the universities. And so began a new revolution, frighteningly more effective, more intelligent, and vastly more efficient than the ones before it. The media fell into the hands of the new cultural revolutionists, and was quickly at the centre of the dissemination of all their agendas: the support of sexual promiscuity, abortion, homosexuality, religious and spiritual indifferentism, atheism and agnosticism, and, if they were forced to compromise, new and shockingly watered-down versions of the traditional faith that were only permitted because they opposed the status quo. Into this group falls what I call “neo-modern Christianity”.

More than half a century down the road you have a new West, conquered by the cunning of intellectual warfare, unaware it is now firmly in the clutches of its nemesis, culturally Marxist despite being economically capitalist. Although with the campaign against capitalism now gaining speed, this may not last for long. You have a media that is decidedly secular and atheist, and where it permits “spirituality” on its waves the latter must be of a form that is so detrimental to the soul that it’s basically helping the agenda. You have a West in which it is permitted to be anti-Christian, but being anti-any-other-religion is seen as being on par with racism. You have the anarchy of the apocalypse playing out right before your eyes.

What’s sad is that it mustn’t end with the West. Remember this is a global agenda. Africa is fair game and the seeds have already been planted. Proxies of the Liberal Communist-Socialist agenda landed here decades ago. In our generation, the effects of the seeds they planted are gaining steam. All you have to do is switch on your TV during a lunch hour break or log into your social media. The madness that wears the mask of truth is contagious. It spreads like a plague.

It’s easy for me to see and say now, because I feel like I was apart of it once. An enabler even. But when you’re in neck deep it’s not easy to be objective about it, which is why noise like the one I’m making now is essential. Life-saving even. Soul saving. SIGH. If you believe you have a soul, time to smell the pancakes, my friend. If you believe you don’t have a soul…well then all I can do is pray and wish you all the best.

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