THEY; The Vacuumous Scapegoat Of All Mischief!

If you’ve never been written about in the media or read about someone you know quite well, you’ll continue to believe everything you read.

Deception is designed to stray so far on a matter that the lie seems more believable than the truth, and so for simpletons, unwarranted offense beckons.

Words are easy! Keyboard courage stands strong when we assume there’s no responsibility for assertions made behind a screen. But this veil of deliberate, haphazard and errant misinformation should be removed to carry repercussions, perhaps then, some form of accountability will settle on consciences. If we hold the subjects of an accusation to a certain standard, shouldn’t the same be shifted to the accusers as well? It’s only when we hold up a mirror that they decide the standard is too heavy!

If integrity is demanded of others, isn’t the same integrity expected of all? An individual woke up/went to bed after a calculated post on how Phaneroo paid a friend and OB of his 350,000 shs to ‘act’ lame and healed. His post and the comments that followed are not seeking clarification, no, they only make assertions and claim they have proof of these. I will not get into the tired song ‘we have proof’ on here, but we’ve all seen a trial or two, we know the story of Joseph and the proof of his garment in Potiphar’s wife’s hand (Genesis 39), we have also read of the witnesses at Jesus’ trial and have been alive long enough to know that NOT ALL ACCUSED ARE GUILTY! So, WHEN it’s finally established that Phaneroo never paid Robert or that this individual blatantly and knowingly spread this misinformation, what is the repercussion? Or do we close the tab and move on to the next news-bite?

I find that many don’t even believe because of plausibility, but will ride the tide of whichever deception conveniently tallies with their vantage point for a desired conclusion. Like bloodhounds, they smell blood and are ready to pounce; 15 minutes of fame, a perception of honor in ‘fighting’ for God or their version of the truth, and the vain struggle to remain relevant! Anything contrary to pre-held sentiments is readily sacrificed. The true victims of any deception are the hearers/receivers of it, for in the end, truth is sacrificed not the accused.

What is the anchor of such accusations? Claims; baseless, unconfirmed, unestablished claims. But they are anecdotal and sensational, ably preying on simpletons.

But I will ask, who paid Robert? Who is ‘they’? Who saw this going down? ‘They’ has done so much mischief, we all must go on a hunt for this ‘they.’ ‘They’ is a convenient scapegoat, for ‘they’ is faceless, genderless, nameless and formless. They is a vacuum for masked sentiments. They said, they told me, they did it; can no longer hold. We need some form of accountability for accusations!


Written by Amanda Argaba

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