With the firmament gone dark;

She slouches with greedy claws;

Her proboscis piercing our lungs;

She devours humanity for sport;

Her mention sends trepidations;

And sets hearts into palpitations

Yes…she is the ugly coronavirus!

No, we shan’t sing your song;

Your sister Ebola tried too but…

It is for you that borders close;

That Shrines shrink;

That Schools mute;

That Markets yawn;

That Poverty bites.

You fool, many fools have tried before you and lost!

You gnaw lives with greed;

In your tracks lie gazillions of lifeless bodies;

Of the old and young, rich and poor…

You plant gardens of orphans;

You ugly fiend!

Together humanity shall castrate you;

Like the Israelites defied Pharaoh;

With God, we shall sail through;

The Milky Way shall smile again;

What doesn’t drown us only strengthens us;

Corona, Be not proud!

By Martin Ainebyona

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