Hurt, pain, frustration,

These are some of the words that came to mind when I thought of our fair maidens.

Now do not get me wrong, I used to loath all of them…

But that was until I met me my special someone.

Lovely Lulu was gentle and pure.

She made me whole, she was my hearts cure.

She took me from the depth of my darkest path,

Beat me another and made the last my past.

Then years past on and my lovely Lulu slowly lost her luster.

Lost her pure white Lilly color,

And embraced a whole new character.

Or should I say…


Of these characters there was Tina the Table Turner who took everything I ever said,

Twisted it up in her head,

Got sad and made it look like I was bad.

Then there was Correct Harriet who could never be corrected.

No matter how wrong she was, her submissions could never be rejected.

You try to correct her because it is the right thing for you to be doing,

Then Tina the table turner comes in,

What was I thinking?

Now, Moody Marla would only appear monthly.

But trust me, the way I am is because she drove me crazy.

If we men can try to understand, what no man will ever fathom,

Why can’t you, dear loving ladies,

Treat us patiently; we do not understand your biology.

Intruding Trudy owned my pockets,

Owned my life she had to control it.

Sparkling clean McLean was the mean washing machine.

Polish your shoes,

Comb your hair,

straighten your tie, Oh my god I wish I could die.

But, there was still the Caring Cathy,

She did most of the things I asked of her willingly.

She made me smile when I was down,

Pillowed my fall if I ever were to hit the ground.

Then after I am up, Naggie Sally would always taunt me.

Never at any point could i be free.

Where were you at?

Who was that?

Calm down woman, you will give yourself a heart attack!

Innocent Indigo was constantly insecure.

I don’t look fat in this dress?

Are you sure?

Gossipy Prosy gagged me with her stories.

Telling of roomers as if they were prophecy.

Farida the Feminist flaunts her fury and flair,

But for some strange reason insists I must pull for her a chair.

Now many a lady would deem this here un fair,

As I have not spoken unkind of the likes of my kind.

But honestly when you think of it,

Women hate women and that is a fact.

And the reason that they need men,

Is to bring the balance back!


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Written by Jason Ntaro (0)

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