Caramel Café & Lounge – Norwegian Croissant Breakfast Review

Restaurant: Caramel Café & Lounge

Location: Acacia Mall, just before KFC, opposite Capital FM

Breakfast Meal: Norwegian Croissant: A butter croissant stuffed with smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Served with fresh vegetable salad, a cup of tea (or coffee) and a glass of juice.

Price: 28,000/=

If you’ve been following me and @Just_Najjuuko on Instagram then you’d know that I am fond of this restaurant. Not just because the proprietor is my good friend, but we share an office building and I really love their ambience. If I am not in office, it’s a place I love to just sit and relax while I write my articles, regular Facebooking or just meeting friends.

It is safe to say I have eaten everything on their menu, but this is one of my favourite breakfasts. The sight of hollandaise sauce melting through the poached egg and the salmon to stain the white plate when you cut through the croissant just makes my toes curl in anticipation of buwoomi.

I think this item is well priced. I don’t know many restaurants where you can get salmon served in this price range. The fact that you’re getting a croissant, salmon, a cup of coffee, a glass of juice and the whole combo is coming in at less than 30,000/= is honestly applaudable.

I enjoyed this breakfast to the last crumb, the only bummer was the fact that my croissant was deformed in the process of stuffing it. It came looking flat like sliced bread and not as shapely as they usually come. Because of this, they dropped a few aesthetics points because we feed with our eyes before we pick up the fork and knife.

On a scale of 1:10; I would rate the meal and experience at 8.5 ✅


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Written by Rogers Balamaga

I eat, I cook & write. I also do lawyerly work so I can afford to eat & cook.

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