Another attempt to love, more pain.
Another choice to try, more tears, more pain,
More than the last times.
Another so called, ‘perfect relationship’,
Only to wake bruised, crushed, broken, more than the last times.
She is bleeding, it hurts! Worse disappointments, more than the last times.
A heart, shattered in pieces spread across many floors.

Tired of the pain and heart ache, she looks up to grey sky,
Bitter, angry, tears rolling down her face she asks God,
“God why, why do I have to keep going through this over and over again?
Love was never supposed to hurt,
God you and I had a plan, things were never supposed to be this hard,
I should have been married by now.”

She asks God, “God, Will someone ever fall in love with me?
Will someone ever whisper the words, ‘I love you’ into my bitter ears?
Will someone ever say they adore me, call me their morning star?
Will someone, someone ever treat me like their treasure?”

It’s Valentine’s Day Lord, and I have no text, no email, nothing in my inbox.
No flowers, no cake,
No surprise, no dreamy eyes to look into, Nothing!
No one to pamper me, and it’s sad and lonely.
My Valentine’s day is Lone-day, heart ache day, sad day.
While, all I see is twos painting the city red and I stuck alone, perhaps forever.

Sometimes, this thing called love seems so complicated,
So hard to believe in, so hard to find.
Sometimes like this, this broken girl, Love does not exist, true love is overrated.
Sometimes we feel these matters of love are so complicated for God to understand,
‘He does not know how I feel! He does not understand what I am going through’.
Forgetting He knew love before us,
He is the author of love, created love to save us.
He knows this thing called love inside-out far much better than us.

Perhaps God is waiting for you to talk to him about this your love life?
Perhaps he has the answers, but your pain keeps blinding you from the love he’s got to offer.
Perhaps he is waiting for that right moment, to hook you up with that right person?
Perhaps God is not yet done with you,
He is not done painting your, ‘master piece’.
Hey, don’t rush the author, let him write..
Write your love story, your best seller.

I know it’s hard to love, to love when you are broken,
I know it’s difficult to have faith, have faith someone will love your pain away,
But don’t you dare give up on love,
It was Love that saved us; it is love that will save your broken heart too.
Be patient my dear, the author of love is not yet done writing your love story,
He is not done with you and your ‘master piece’.
Be patient do not grow weary.


Written by Irene Esther Mutuzo (0)

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