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An ‘Artist’ called Queen of Vagina

Disclaimer: If anyone is zombified by doing further research on the contents of this article, we shall not be held responsible. If you IQ goes down or you become outright retarded after reading this, you are on your own. Oh, if you are below 18 years, shoo!!

There is a side of¬†YouTube¬†that people on the Internets like to call the Dark Side. This is where you find all the stuff that either threatens your faith in humanity or gives you some really good laughs depending on your attitude. I happen to fall in the latter category and I encourage those in the former to cross over to our side. Life is more enjoyable when you are not busy getting offended at everything. I¬†digress¬†though. Lets move on to¬†today’s¬†discovery from the dark side of Youtube. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you¬†Majela ZeZe Diamond, Queen of Vagina, Miss Promiscous…the names go on.

She (or he) is a singing sensation from Nigeria who has amazed the world with her/his deep lyrics, brilliant videos and hihi…I cant go on with this. Let me just pull an excerpt from The Hyena’s Belly who has given this alot more though than I have…

[box type=”shadow” ]She doesn’t write songs; she writes public service announcements. Did you know that 2 + 2 is not actually 4 but vagina? Actually, 2 + 2 is vagina, vagina and vagina. The sum of two twos is also vagina and “pinis”, which means that one pinis equals two vaginas, which may or may not be an argument against monogamy. Queen of Vagina is deep, man.

Q of V’s songs/PSAs typically last about three minutes and are astoundingly effective. She keeps ’em simple: no more than three parts, the message of each segment repeated rhythmically until it is hammered so deeply into all three layers of your psyche that you will not forget it, no matter how hard you try. Listen to her, I dare you. Queen of Vagina is like crystal meth: all it takes is once. I entered what I now see is a lifetime contract innocently, and now, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m talking to, whatever song I’m listening to on my iPod, Queen of Vagina is there, wailing, “Vaja, vaja, vaja, vagina o-oo-o-o! Vaja, vaja, vaja, vagina eh-eeh-eh-eh!”¬†[/box]

She is a Youtube hit and her channel of 60 videos has managed to garner¬†332,386 views and 1,100 subscribers. This is before you add in all the views from others that have reposted her work. ¬†Q of V has even managed to make appearances on Big Brother UK. I guess that means she has made it! According to her, D’banji even stole some of her lyrics…gosh, how could he!

Q of V believes in her talents so much she even went ahead to audition for the British X Factor.  I have failed to find an actual clip of the audition but here is one of her sampling the crowd outside the venue.

I am not sure wishing her luck is the best option here so we shall go with, well don… eh, no…erm,…hmm…I give up! I hope you are happy Q of V!


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