A Teen’s Diary: The Frustrations of Social Distancing

Social distancing is frustrating, even if I know that it is for our own good.

Can you imagine being a teenager and not being able to attend a friend’s birthday party or go to watch a movie with your friends? Or even having to stay at home when everyone is frustrated by the rules and it is hard to predict what mood your parents or siblings will be in? This is a difficult period for everyone.

That is why I have been wondering how a virus can paralyze the entire globe. Isn’t there a genius with the ability to find a cure or vaccine that will bring this to an end? Science students are always mocking historians. Unha, where are you now? Why are we are all helpless in this situation? Helpless to the extent of a lockdown!

However uncomfortable I might be with the lockdown arrangement, I must admit Ugandans have made it interesting. The caning by LDUs isn’t okay; but then again we have grown up with curfews in our homes. What is so hard about this one? Especially because it is meant to protect you and not suffocate you. We need to take this pandemic seriously.

For now though, my worry is not the pandemic but the aftermath. People are spending without earning. Businesses have been shut down. We are not collecting enough taxes. There might be no salary for some people next month.

It is going to be a hard time but the most we can do is to not lose hope. We need to believe that we shall make it through this period.

By Kabagabu Bridget BagonzaMary Reparatrix secondary school Entebbe


Written by Boundless Minds

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