A good wife should be able to cook and clean dutifully for her husband…

“Marriage is a beautiful thing. A good wife should be able to cook and clean dutifully for her husband. This is just a generation of lazy women who have been damaged by feminism.”

The following is a response to the above which was a tweet that popped up on my timeline

Have you considered that if you had more to offer in the realm of character, habits & hobbies you’d be interesting enough to make chores a non-issue? Your own internal low value attracts women who don’t read, are slobs and aren’t motivated to please you in any way beyond the menial.

I feel like there needs some clarification here:


Men who are insecure about their value tend to mask this with trappings and bravado.

Men who are shallow, fearful and bloated on pop culture hide behind being risk-averse and trendy to explain why they aren’t doing anything.

Many men expect women to come into their lives, give up their dreams and domesticate for a 5-foot bed, 2 rounds of 3 mins sex a week and the privilege of being “my woman”.

You want her to watch you year after year stagnating at work

Watch you grow fat and out of shape
Watch you be cheated out of your money by “friends” or led into traps by other “friends”
Watch you as you complain of all your mates moving forward while you do NOTHING about it
Watch as the once bright star in your eye dims
Watch as you settle for your station in life
Watch as you isolate yourself from worthwhile friends because you borrowed yourself into ostracization
Watch you sit and tell the same jokes you told when you first met her

You just expect her to watch, watch, watch!
That’s neither fair nor necessary…

No one should have to settle for less than they dreamed their life to be. No one dreams of their daughter out there slaving for an unambitious halfwit with 12-year-old jokes suffering from Erectile Dysfunction


Read, keep your mind sharp and wits alert
Travel, see the world around you from a different perspective
Take care of your body, it’s keeps you attractive
Work hard, she will always see it and for that, you’ll always have respect
Steel yourself, immovable men are attractive


It’s true that today’s men are in many ways spoilt.

They aren’t house trained.They want to be woke without putting in the emotional empathy/effort and self-education to understand the context and background to many issues.

Yes, it’s tiring
They expect that women will be at their beck and call and wait on them

As a man who cooks I know how unsexy it feels when the smell of onions won’t leave your hands after just one evening of cooking. And on top of all of this, there is the expectation for you to give for sex
These are faults on our side. I admit them on behalf of as many men as will let me. I admit that some men are trying and some have completely given up


I want to ask some rational questions

Women deserve men who provide for them, love them, nurture them, adore them, support them and defend them absolutely, if that’s what they value in the relationship. Have you ever sat to think “OK, if he gives me all this, apart from my sex what else am I bringing to the table?” Because honestly you want these things and will publicly humiliate and vilify men for being poor, stingy or any other derogatory terms you see fit when your own life is in no shape to write home about.

You are 25, are already overweight but you don’t date short men because you like to contrast with thin guys.
You will go through 5GBs of data a week on Instagram and Snapchat but you still only know one way to cool chicken stew (oil + onions + tomato + carrot + meat + boil).
You can talk about the Kardashians till the cows come home but you don’t watch documentaries because dialogue “bores” you.
You want a deep, thoughtful partner but your vocabulary is as limited as those short men you hate dating, so people only date you using “is” and “was” English.

You are quick to talk about how you want accomplished self-made men but all your friends around you are sleeping with men for material things – rent, data, airtime, food. Really bottom of Maslow’s pyramid stuff.
You talk a lot about being an entrepreneur but after your second failed business and tons of investment your husband realizes you wanted an easy way out of working, you are lazy and have no work ethic.
Even when you mask your laziness under “I want to focus on the kids” you have two house maids whom you treat like trash and emotionally abuse. All so you have more time to do nothing.

You want cunnilingus but you are so out of shape you can’t shave your genitals properly. And honestly after 3 mins, if your partner doesn’t konk out you are going to start asking him “Are you about to finish?”

Your entitlement is so severe means you can sit in the house and do nothing and still talk about “Where were you?” – Where TF is this energy coming from?
You will be with a man who is going through depression, struggling at work, on the brink of suicide but he will go and pay someone else for the privilege to listen to him. Not sex. Just to listen. And sometimes sex. Like what are you DOING?!


You are unambitious in the kitchen, at work, in bed, in life, with the kids.
You aren’t really a strong emotional support for your partner even after knowing that cultural conditioning will make this a hurdle for him.

Your sense of self-improvement is missing.
You can’t connect on an intellectual level because you are shallow, materialistic and vapid.

You demand to be given constantly but lack the empathy to understand what it means to give time, money, effort, attention in return for so little.
Instead, you come and shout at men with your trigger happy fingers, generalize, obfuscate the issues and crumble whenever you are faced with the reality of your own life

Imagine with me, if, for a 10-year period men were willing to be unambitious and they married at their station. In a world where we get the partner we deserve, some of you wouldn’t even be worthy of cart pushers and casual labourers because they have too much discipline in their life to have your slovenly manners in their life.

In that world, well-read men attract intelligent driven women
In that world, people who want to be superficial have license so your 6 pack boys and your thunder thigh are together one side
In that world, people who come from money pair up and strengthen dynasties
In that world, the pious are yoked together in missionary for life

Imagine yourself in that world and then ask yourself “In this world, do I deserve this man? Or do I deserve better?”
It will occur to you that many of the qualities you imagine yourself to have are replicable and can be replaced with money (chores, children, sex, guidance)
And that the one thing about you that is irreplaceable truly a magnet is your character which you have ignored to develop.

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