A Fan Boy's love letter to his Inspirations


I am a guy who finds it hard to lay out his true emotions to the all seeing eye of the public. It is so bad, my high school crush thought I hated her. In this light, I realise that this is the one chance I have to be a straight up fan boy and get way with my arrogant balls intact.

First of all, I have to admit that I am not one to remember names or places. Truth is I mostly read, like or comment then leave. If my browser drops the website on my home screen, it’s official, I am a stalker.

The people I am to mention are pretty much the ones who cemented my writing style and helped me sharpen my skills as a subtle yet obsessed fan. I will have to admit that most of my most outstanding inspirations from those who taught me that the best way to stand out was to be your own weird self. 

1. Roland Byagaba. He is one of the founders of and an excellent wordsmith. Keeping in mind the aspect of subtle comedy in his work, he knows how to hook an audience through ever sentence. Personally, my point of owe came during one of the rotaract club meetings at Kyambogo where he was chosen as the guest for the night.  My heart was racing like that of a child on Christmas Eve by the end of his talk. I swear, I couldn’t get his words out of my head for weeks. 

2. Warm Milk. She’s a talented writer I found over a podcast a few years back. Her most mind blowing tale for me being Sleeping Beauty. Personally, I found it to be an exceptional work of art. Being sincere it was the first well crafted erotic literature I found. At the start I thought the genre was filled with cheap hacks. Arousing sexual tension is something that I’ve always felt was cheating when it came to capturing an audience, be it visually, orally or written. I found no artistry in the whole thing until I found her work. Unfortunately she stopped writing around 2017 so there is barely any new content from her. 

3. Angel Tempts You. Another rather unusual kind of writer I fell for this year. She also writes erotic literature. She has proven herself to be quite the artist when it came to threading tales of lustful romance. The one piece she wrote that left me agape with obscene admiration was entitled, Waken by Your Crazy Ex. It’s weirdly crafted from the perception of the crazy ex, capturing the readers mind as they are fused with that of the lunatic. That piece was legendary and personally I found it mind boggling. Up until now I still check her page out in search of piece like that one.

4. The fourth, though he may not be a blogger, he is an excellent YouTuber. A master wordsmith with delusions of grandeur. The Critical Drinker. He is a movie and game critic who I’ve found to be a one of a kind inspiration. This guy got me to start following video games after I’d abandoned them for years. Unfortunately I barely have a favorite piece within his work because everytime I listen to a new one it becomes my favorite. I recommend you check him out.

I will owe all the guys listed above a giant thumbs up for the rest of my life. Keep doing what you are doing. I hope to meet you all some day 

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