What we are living in now is what somebody would regard as social fiction beforehand. Basically everything has turned upside down, we seem to be “caged” in the comfort of our homes within the discomfort of our surroundings, because of the lockdown.

Our minds are infiltrated with the overwhelming numbers of death caused by the horrific pandemic. This situation has pushed humanity to the edges; doing what we had thought impossible. Just a day before the curfew was implemented, I and my brother walked from Nakibizzi to Jinja, a distance of 13km to pick a package of food. This had never happened in our lives, and we had always thought it impossible, till that day, when we had to.

On the other hand, the pandemic has immersed the world into a port of innovation and ingenuity like working from home, suppliers coming direct to consumers, and a spike in door-to-door delivery services. It has conversely facilitated a coming-together of families, for reasons that we didn’t think possible. Now you have to stay at home, with your family, without an option.

Fathers who would stay away for weeks in pursuit of money, or children who usually spend 75% of their time in school, are all at home. I hope that family bonds will be strengthened during this period.

Is it me or does this feel like when you ‘restoring factory settings’ on a mobile device? I have never stayed home this long with family, and I don’t think any of us ever has. I miss the warmth of a hug, the strength of a handshake, and the beauty of congregation in a world gifted by diversity.

Even then, I continue to hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst.

By Byaruhanga Francis


Written by Boundless Minds

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