• This 1 million dinner for Elvis Mbonye…

    Me as me, I've tried to keep quiet about it because the Bible says something about avoiding vain conversations. Naye me as me, that's become increasingly impossible. Before I go on, I'd like to say that this isn't an attack on Elvis Mbonye or his ministry. I've seen that man flow in his gifting and [...]
  • Thoughtful Mother’s Day Activity Suggestions For This Week

    It is not a hidden fact that mothers are beautiful creatures that we can almost compare to Angels, but can’t because we know they are way above that. They were sent in our lives to always make everything better. She birthed you, nursed you to health when you fell sick, taught you how to talk [...]
  • baby-kissing-on-mirror

    This one is for me

    With the start of a new year, it is often expected that I write something sentimental. “Where do these expectations come from?” you might ask, and the simple answer is: from myself, of course. This happens because while I learn from my experiences, my verbosity can never allow me to learn in silence. Seeing as [...]
  • ‘Is This It?’ by Dave Ndyanabo

    Oli kiliya(clear)?" ..came the rough retort from the bloodshot bangi-chewing bear of a man that was my housemate. It was what we chose to greet our lot in this dungeon we called a house- we had occupied one of those structures in the neighbourhood that had been abandoned before it had been completed. The gaping [...]
  • This Thing Called Love

    First he sees her car on the driveway and then hears her footsteps approaching the front door. He knows that she has come to confront him. He is ready to pour out his heart to her and ask for forgiveness. Upon opening the door for her, he is confronted by a hysterical, gun-wielding woman; the [...]
  • #MuwadoLoveLetter Kyana, just allow this mukwano

    Bae ( I know, I know, you'll kill me for using that word but apparently that's what the cool kids use these days) You are how? The family, the neighbourhood kids, are they fine? How about the family goats? Did the other one you told me about give birth?  Henewe, I hope everything is smooth [...]
  • The Problem with African Academics

    The problem with African academics is that they do not have any innovative and creative grit in them. African academics, it is very unlikely to find the next Mark Zuckerberg in them. Most of them are so obsessed with piling one academic qualification over another willy-nilly. Spending a great bunch of their lifetime in lecture [...]
  • Why was HIV/AIDS created, and what's coming next?

    Diseases, what do I know about those? As much as the next person, I guess. I am intimately familiar with the ones I have been down with, those people close to me have fallen a victim to, and the ones that make the news or I read about for one reason or another. I don’t [...]
  • A Case For – nay, Against – Numbers

    My friend Rugambwa Ivan Ninsiima has written a piece today over the recent duel between Bobi Wine and Andrew Mwenda. In it he suggests, "people are not machines conditioned to statistics and figures" and goes ahead in many words to say but one thing: people are bound to trust their gut feeling anyway, to hell with the [...]
  • Smirnoff presents Migos in South Africa

    In South Africa, one of the greatest things about music is that it brings people together regardless of race, gender, sexuality and demographics. Through the power of music, good drinks and good times, Smirnoff will move the next generation of South Africans to be more inclusive #EveryonesInvited. When they came out with their good-time anthem, Versace, [...]
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