Mwenda ~ Uganda had only 268km of tarmac after 72 years of colonial rule. The short-lived DP government led by Kiwanuka added 210km in one year. Obote added 1,000km in eight years 1962-71. In spite of his government incompetence and corruption, Museveni has in the last 8 years added 4,000km of tarmac.This guy either suffers [...]
  • This 1 million dinner for Elvis Mbonye…

    Me as me, I've tried to keep quiet about it because the Bible says something about avoiding vain conversations. Naye me as me, that's become increasingly impossible. Before I go on, I'd like to say that this isn't an attack on Elvis Mbonye or his ministry. I've seen that man flow in his gifting and [...]
  • Thoughtful Mother’s Day Activity Suggestions For This Week

    It is not a hidden fact that mothers are beautiful creatures that we can almost compare to Angels, but can’t because we know they are way above that. They were sent in our lives to always make everything better. She birthed you, nursed you to health when you fell sick, taught you how to talk [...]
  • baby-kissing-on-mirror

    This one is for me

    With the start of a new year, it is often expected that I write something sentimental. “Where do these expectations come from?” you might ask, and the simple answer is: from myself, of course. This happens because while I learn from my experiences, my verbosity can never allow me to learn in silence. Seeing as [...]
  • ‘Is This It?’ by Dave Ndyanabo

    Oli kiliya(clear)?" ..came the rough retort from the bloodshot bangi-chewing bear of a man that was my housemate. It was what we chose to greet our lot in this dungeon we called a house- we had occupied one of those structures in the neighbourhood that had been abandoned before it had been completed. The gaping [...]
  • This Thing Called Love

    First he sees her car on the driveway and then hears her footsteps approaching the front door. He knows that she has come to confront him. He is ready to pour out his heart to her and ask for forgiveness. Upon opening the door for her, he is confronted by a hysterical, gun-wielding woman; the [...]
  • #MuwadoLoveLetter Kyana, just allow this mukwano

    Bae ( I know, I know, you'll kill me for using that word but apparently that's what the cool kids use these days) You are how? The family, the neighbourhood kids, are they fine? How about the family goats? Did the other one you told me about give birth?  Henewe, I hope everything is smooth [...]
  • The dog who could cross the road.

    Simba looked pensively at the grey matter that was between him and the green grass where plenty of butterflies flapped around, waiting for him to chase around aimlessly. This grey matter, the humans called it 'road', was one of the most dreaded landscape features for dogs. Almost every one of them had lost a friend [...]
  • Do we really know what sectarianism means?

    Sectarianism is one of the forbidden practices under our laws.But it appears we have failed to really understand the spirit and interpretation of this noble law, hence its constant mis-reference.It is, therefore, no surprise that all people that have been charged with promoting sectarianism are only those confused ones who came out as ‘whistleblowers’ to [...]

    "Creativity Is Our Wespon." That maxime is the motto of the Languages and Literature Society of Gulu University (LISOGU), a student association of which I am the president. We chose that specific clause because it compounds our goal as a people who are determined to use creativity to revolutionize our nation and Africa. How and [...]
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