21 More Days…

…..and the memes started flowing relentlessly, an interesting one that caught my eye went as such..”Your lockdown plan has been auto-renewed, the bundle expires on 05-05-2020”.

Ugandans are super creative and near-genius when it comes to churning out social media entertainment content, the veracity of which cannot be questioned. One can be excused for spending an entire AM glued to their phone, chuckling or laughing-out-loud away at different memes and videos that stream in across different platforms and groups. In normal times gone by, this would have caused one lots of self-guilt because of the levels of unproductivity, whether at the office of employment or at one’s own hustle. However, these are not normal times anymore; social media binging is the new normal, Monday smells like Friday, so much that I have to double-check the bottom right corner of my laptop to confirm the date and day of the week.

But, I refuse to bow down in resignation, to the impending boredom, routinesyniasis (I just made up this disease), and possible calorie attack and possible takeover of my body.

There have been some amazing gains in the last 14 days like the family bonding, kitchen lessons (no more burning), diaper changing lessons and the now daily morning routine of pushups, thanks to the 30-push up challenge from “omu bwati”, His Excellency the President.

What next for the 21 Days?

In the past, I’ve heard about the 21 Day rule, that whatever one commits to do for 21 days straight becomes a habit. The sequence of thought->action-> habit->character and finally -> destiny is one of the most preached fundamentals of success at whatever one chooses to pursue in life. There can never be a better opportunity than now, to refine one’s thoughts into one or two actionable ones, leading to a lifetime change.

There are thoughts about chains weighing down one’s neck like lack of exercise, anti-social drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet, procrastinating on that investment or business startup, zero savings every month, perpetual indebtedness, spiritual insolvency, unfulfilling relationships, sticking to an unsatisfying and yet exhausting job or career and many more. To overhaul these is actually goals, life’s destinations, and most likely mountains to some whilst mere hills to others but still, successes sought after.

This is the best time to initiate the thought-to-destiny wheel, to determine which habits to keep and which to drop. Which habits make one happier healthier and wealthier. The next 21 days should be dedicated to developing the new habit(s) where possible, given the conditions of limited movement, and success beckons one who starts day 1 NOW.

Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practicing specific simple habits that always lead to success, and these next three weeks could provide that beginning, for a lifetime of success!

Before you know it, it will be DAY 20 and you will proudly be counting your newfound gains. Of course, you will build on them, for life!

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