20Facts about myself

  1. I am Mugabe Victor, aka mugabevictor180, aka VictorTheMuchwezi. (Don’t you worry, the aka s are over)
  2. I am an engineering student at Kyambogo University, an artist and poet.
  3. According to my documents, I think I am 25 years old. Since the age of 20 I’ve lost track. I regard to myself as an old soul, probably dating back to precolonial times, thus my enphatuation with African traditional legends.
  4. I sleep on my side because i am haunted by all the horror movies I’ve watched since childhood. Seriously, the demons always attack the characters when they lie on their back.
  5. I am born again and Catholic. Join me in my inbox if you want discuss this wonderous miracle any further
  6.  I witnessed the arrival of the first missionaries in Uganda. But that’s a story for another time 
  7. I taught Shaka Zulu the cow horn method of attack ? then later crafted the short hand spear. 
  8. I like all my booze punched and on the rocks, aside from Smirnoff and V&A which are perfect the way they are . (Please Don’t judge me)
  9. My favorite musical is Hamilton ( I must confess that I was conflicted on whether to admit this or not)
  10. I think all Lyrics need to rhyme.  Yeah, am talking to you Tyler Swift (Shake it off). Some one needs to stop her before she forces some of these jamz down our spines.
  11. I have an oddly scared arm that I like to show off with a new origin story each time. ??? (Told some kids I got my scars while shaking hands with an alien)
  12. I have stunning white teeth ??? #closeup
  13. My first written story was called Galaxy high. It was a straight up reap off of #TeamGalaxy on @UBC 
  14. I ate the beloved cow from your history books, some of you may remember her as Bihogo.  some things you can’t be sorry for.
  15. I introduced Kintu and Nambi to each other before the whole tasks thing. Sorry about that too, I realise it just increased the volume of your history notes.
  16. This may be hard to take in, as many of you have already created a fictional persona of some ancient being texting away at some mythical mud padded computer with magical wiring; but I am not a Muchwezi. I know; it is a hard fact to take in. But be strong dear reader, be strong.
  17. ??? I love to see people smile
  18. I love to make fun of some other people… politely
  19. I’ve been trying to grow a beard since Form 4 vac, and miserably failed at it. It’s now an inch long
  20. And last but not least, since I am required to list only 20  (Thank God) I hate Kingsman Golden Circle 

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Written by Mugabe Victor

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