#Writivism2015 Wordy Cakes: The Story so Far

Late last year, I started Wordy Cakes. These are cakes with words. I started Wordy Cakes because I had experienced the power of words, and wanted to share my experience with the world. It has been a great journey so far. I have experienced some incredible moments, like when a love-struck boy sent Wordy Cakes to his girlfriend with a poem he’d written. Like when my aunt said, “These are the words I needed for the situation I’m going through right now.”

But you see, Wordy Cakes is a business. In the beginning, when I gave out a lot of free Wordy Cakes, there was a lot of excitement. It felt good to be able to share something that’s so much a part of me: Words and Cake. It was only when it got to the tiny little details that run a business that Wordy Cakes failed miserably. For example, there was the dilemma of pricing. The people who appreciated the words that came with the cake thought that they were priced too low, given the value of the words. But the people who only wanted cake for cake’s sake, and these were the majority, thought I was cheating them.

Then there was the issue of partnerships. I never knew partnerships were that hard. It looks like passion is a very expensive commodity. Early on, I realised that however good I was at coming up with some great ideas for product development and marketing, I was terrible at selling. So I needed someone to help me sell. Then I realised that I was so bad at selling that I even failed to sell the vision of Wordy Cakes to the two partners I’d gotten. I learnt that partnerships can be like a romantic relationship. If you want to get serious, get the paperwork done and don’t date for too long. Otherwise you’ll be dumped like a rotten egg because all along, your partner wanted you fresh, and now he can’t eat a rotten egg.

I’ve learnt that people know how to smile and shake your hand and say all the nice cow dung when they are facing you, but when push comes to shove, only your family and close friends will be there. They are the only ones that know that cow dung can be used as manure for new dreams. In the end, you realise that you needed the hardships to show you who your real friends are.

I’ve learnt that true love doesn’t come to everyone. Not every guy gets lucky enough to have a girl love them for who they are, whether they are broke or not. I’ve experienced that love (Patience, whenever I think of you, my mind freezes and I don’t know what to say). And it has given me the strength to wake up in the morning when I’d almost drowned in depression the previous night. And speaking of depression, how come no one told me how ugly it can get? How come no one said it was possible to get so low emotionally that you’re immobilised?

Lately, I’m learning to count all the 24 hours in a day. I’m learning to enjoy every single second of them. Sometimes life sucks, but when you look around you, you realise that you’ve got a lot of good stuff going well for you: like all the job offers that come around, most of which you have to say no to.

When I started Wordy Cakes on 18th October, 2014, I never knew I’d be seated at my desk, on a new laptop that I’m still infatuated with, typing out this blog post that reads like a eulogy. But one thing I’m certain of now, is that Wordy Cakes still lives on. In my heart where it was created, Wordy Cakes doesn’t really care what the world thinks or says. I’ll still get those orders, and now because it’s no longer about the money, or pleasing some partner who doesn’t care how cakes are baked, I’ll say yes to the ones that pass the Wordy Cakes test, and no to the ones that don’t.


p style=”color: #444444;font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif;font-size: 13px;line-height: 18.2000007629395px”>What’s life after all, if we don’t enjoy the little things we do to change the world?


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