Write Your Wrongs on Muwado And Win [CLOSED]

UPDATE 01/07/2024: The #WriteYourWrongs challenge has been closed today and the Muwado Team will be looking at the entries (click here to view them all). As communicated in this call, the result’s will be announced by 10th July 2024 and their winnings handed over to them. Look out for the announcement from our profile. 

If you missed the deadline but would still like to write your wrongs, the platform is available so go right ahead, create an account and upload. New members that joined for the challenge, the Muwado platform is also open for your other posts now that you are part of the community.

Every once in a while, Muwado dips its feet in a storytelling campaign because we want to get you creating. We know that you have a story to tell and a past to reconcile so, with this in mind, we have created  a unique campaign titled:

“Write Your Wrongs”

With this campaign, we aim to help you harness the power of storytelling, and encourage you to reflect, write, and share your personal experiences or societal critiques with us. By doing so, you can win 100,000 UGX (approximately 27 USD) if your post garners the most likes and reactions on the platform.

The idea behind “Write Your Wrongs” is simple. We all have regrets, mistakes, or situations we wish we had handled differently. Alternatively, there might be societal issues we feel passionate about but have never had the chance to address. This campaign provides a platform for such expressions, and we invite writers and audio storytellers to articulate their thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned.

In writing these wrongs, individuals can find a sense of closure, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire others who might be grappling with similar issues.


And then, as an added incentive, the story with the most engagement (votes, reactions and comments) will win 100,000 UGX (around 27 USD). Your audience on Muwado can also gift you if they like your story so there’s potential to earn beyond the prize money. This prize is a recognition of the power of authentic storytelling. It acknowledges the effort and courage it takes to share one’s truth with the world.


How to Participate

Register and Write:

Visit and register for an account if you haven’t already.

Once registered, write your story. The challenge is open to all members of Muwado. It could be about a personal experience, a societal issue, or any wrong you wish to address through your words. Use the tag #WriteYourWrongs so we know you are participating.

Share and Engage:

After publishing your story,  share it with your network. Encourage friends, family, and followers to read, like, react, comment and share your post. Engagement is key to winning the prize.

Interact and Support:

While the competition is about getting the most reactions, it’s also about building a supportive community. Read other entries, leave thoughtful comments, gift and engage with fellow participants. This mutual support enriches the campaign experience for everyone.

This campaign is open to everyone but remember to keep it civil and respectable.

We shall consider all entries published before the end of 30th June 2024 EAT.

The winner will be announced by 10th July 2024.  


Extra Reasons

You should participate for more than just the money though and these are some extra reasons.

Catharsis and Reflection:

Writing can be a therapeutic exercise. It allows you to process your emotions, reflect on your past actions, and gain insights into your personal growth. You might find a sense of relief and understanding when you participate.

Community and Connection:

Muwado is a community and by participating you become part of a larger network of storytellers who value creativity, honesty, reflection, and storytelling.

Impact and Influence:

Stories have the power to influence and inspire. You can impact others who might be facing similar challenges or dilemmas. Your story can bring about empathy, understanding, and collective growth within the community. We also have a wide readership and your next storytelling partnership might be here. Make it count.

Alright, what are you waiting for, go and start writing your wrongs today. Who knows? Your story might just be the one that inspires others and wins the 100,000 UGX prize.

Share links to your submission in the comments below or leave any questions you have. You can view the submitted entries here.

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