Dear Bae,

The day we first locked eyes,

It was an Adam and Eve -like situation,

You belonged to another,and i was just a simple daughter of a mother,

“Cookie jar”,the alias you gave me,because i was forbidden yet so enticing,

To love’s advances we gave in and got close in “full -full condition”,

Each others’s sentences we complete,sarcastic jokes we share,

Heck,we could laugh together all day ,given the chance,

You don’t have to say you love me,it was all in your glance,

Whoa,when we fought,WW2 has nothing on us,

We could almost try karate moves on each other,

The reconciliation though,simply mind blowing.

When we fight ,it is always with each other,but we always have and always will have each others back.

This our love i will call the “Fireworks phase of my life”

May the fire never burn out,danger never cease,and laughter never end.

We could even stay in on Valentine’s day and watch “Tekke”,

Translation-Martial arts themed movies.

Forever your girl,in love and war.


Written by Jane Frances Apila (0)

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