#MuwadoLoveLetter Will you be mine? (Confessions of an expectant heart, a bleeding mind and a lover’s plight.)

Like an orphan to a curfew

Or a reason to hurt you

I am yet to find you…


Like a porno to a perv

Or a corner to a curve

You’re the nest am the dove…


Like a flame to a stove

Or a palm to a glove

To you I’ll give, all my love…


Like a vein to a valve

Or a chain to a slave

You’re where I’ll rest, all I have…


Like a cave man to a cave

Or a dead man to a grave

Am the pawn, you’re the move…


Like a dime to a purse

Or a rhyme to a verse

Yours is my place, our space…


Like a wine to a glass

Or a coffin to a hearse

You’re the mistake. I’m the mess…


Like a name to a face

Or a game to a chase

You’re the crime. I confess…


Like a picture to a frame

Or a lighter to a flame

You’re the case. I’m to blame…


Like a sentence to a convict

Or the evidence to the verdict

You’re the drug, I’m the addict…


Like a man to a serpent

Or a pen to a student

You’re the sin; I repent…


Like ink to a page

Or a MIC to a stage

I’m the catch, you’re the cage…


Like a click to a link

Or a freak to a shrink

I’m the eye; you’re the blink…


Like a pad to a period

Or a vest to a chest

Am the pen, you’re the test…


Please do pardon

My rude comparison

And bad choice of diction…


But my reasons;

1. Soon it’s Valentine’s

2. I’m askin’; “Will you be mine?” 🙂


Never had a valentine

But if only you will be mine

Promise I’ll make it all about you.

And this much I know, and swear is true…




Th’ KlaFella™

Kidron Nabende Googo


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Written by Kidron KlaFella (1)

I'm the king of my mind and the prince of my time. Master of my thoughts and judge of my conscience. To my ambitions, this body is a slave.

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#MuwadoLoveLetter Appreciating Love in these times, appreciating you.