1. There is no more boundary between the natural and unnatural because of the exacerbated technoarrogance and technostupidity, greed and selfishness of humanity. We should not continue to put God or Nature at the centre of environmental decay and collapse. Man, Homo sapiens, is the pivot of environmental decay and collapse.

2. Environmental destruction and problems begin with humanity as the cause and end with humanity as the victim.

3. Despite our knowledge that humanity is the cause and ultimate victim of environmental decay and collapse, environmental destruction is spiralling upwards.

4. Environmental leadership and governance increasingly serve the interests, greed and selfishness of those in positions of leadership.

5. The current globally distributed sunspots (hotspots) should not be blamed on Nature or God. The blame is the collective environmental corruption, bankruptcy, illiteracy, ignorance, greed and selfishness of the world’s political leaders.

6. The world’s political leaders are made of the same brain. They see (and it is the brain, which seems while eyes observe) as something to continually conquer and exploit, increasingly for themselves, their kith and kin, their businesses and corporates.

7. The political leaders reduce the environment to just one dimension: the ecological-biological dimension. They completely ignore the sociocultural dimension, the socioeconomic dimension and the time dimension of the environment. It is in these three dimensions that the most formidable causes of environmental decay and collapse reside and manifest themselves

8. Unfortunately, the political leaders continue to blame the poor and needy for all the environmental decay and collapse. Or else God and Nature are evoked to explain the environmental decay and collapse.

9. Most political leaders of the world have not adequately made the environment a political issue. In campaigns for political office, they never articulate and clarify the steps they will take to improve the quality of the environment for all

10. In Uganda the political leaders are pursuing development countries that prefer grass ( oil palm and sugarcane) to natural forests. The 10,000 hectares of natural forests of Kalangala Island of Lake Victoria have been felled and sold as timber. Instead, oil palm grass plantations have been established. In Bunyoro, the Bugoma Forest game corridor has been replaced by establishing sugarcane grass. The era of revival of the grass culture is proliferating environmental decay and collapse. It is being exacerbated by what appears to be government preference for revamped nomadic pastoralism in areas that are historically, biologically, culturally and agroecologically for settled Bantu and Luo communities of indigenous Ugandans.

There is no doubt that we must demand that everyone who seeks to be a political leader shows the electorate to what degree he or she is environmentally knowledgeable, aware, concerned and actionable. He or she must lay bare his or her environmental vision for his or her constituency, region and country.

Lastly, we must love the truth and reality about our environment: why it is continually degrading, how and who are the real major factors behind the degradation. If we evade the truth, we live in self-denial and deception.

Environmental deception combined with political deception is a dangerous combination. It is enemy number one to development, transformation and progress. If we are faced with increasingly debilitating climate change, it is this deadly combination that is responsible. No amount of talking locally, nationally, regionally and globally will do unless we resolve to confront the deadly combination.

For God and My Country

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Written by Oweyegha Afunaduula (3)

I am a retired lecturer of zoological and environmental sciences at Makerere University. I love writing and sharing information.

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