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Why Some Graduates Don't Deserve to be Asking 'What's Next?'

So on Monday, I saw my cousin Brian on the streets carrying a placard of “What’s Next”?

I immediately called him up and told him to stop being a fool and get off the streets or I will force him to. I don’t know about the other lads but for Brian, I told him to vacate the streets because I know his story.

Brian joined university three years ago. He came to town and started staying with my Auntie Lucie who is a single mum of two. For the past three years, Brian has been problematic to his Auntie Lucie. He is the kind who was irresponsible in the home. Each time he came back home, he commanded the maid to serve him food and after he was done, he made it a habit to leave the plates where he ate from. As if that was not enough, Brian had become quite bossy. He doesn’t want to wash, let alone his own undergarments. Every after two days, he drops his boxers in the laundry basket for the maid to wash. 

Imagine my Auntie hired this maid to help her out with her two children since she works long hours. Mukulu Brian has become the third child. He can’t wash his own bedsheets, can’t lay his own bed despite the fact that he is sharing a room with Auntie Lucie’s kids. Auntie is so kind, she has been ignoring his weaknesses because she didn’t want to be badmouthed by our relatives. In fact, for the last three years, she’s been giving Brian transport & lunch allowance to Makerere University every week yet she knew he wasn’t being helpful at home. 

Now here’s the story that made want to smack this boy. Last year in one of those busy months, Auntie Lucie had a Board meeting that required her to stay in office for extended hours. She realized that she couldn’t make it in time to pick her kids from school so she called the only person who she thought could help and that was none other than Brian. He was was on a semester break. It was 5:47pm, past school pick up time and you know how KPS charges you every hour you’re late. Baaambi Auntie Lucie got into panic mode and called the dude and he ignored her calls. In fact, she called 17 times but waaapi. Sometimes he would even make the phone busy. She got confused because time was rushing and wondered what to do. She called the maid to ask if Brian was home. “Oh yes, he’s home” the maid affirmed.

What is he doing? She asked,

“He is in his room watching a movie.”

“Give him the phone so I can speak to him” she demanded, so the maid took the phone to the “BOSS” in the house.

“Brian, can you kindly help me pick the kids from school for me only today? I have a board meeting to attend to. Please help me I will pay you for your time.”

Brian in his fake scornful voice said “NO”

He refused. He frankly told Auntie Lucie that he was “busy”. She pleaded but the boy jammed. She then opted to call the school to make an exception in order to find the kids after the meeting. Luckily the teacher on duty was kind and said yes.

The meeting got done at 8:00 pm, she rushed and picked up her kids at 9:00 pm. They got home at 11:36 pm and only to find Brian lying on his bed enjoying dinner (which he did not buy & doesn’t even know how to prepare it). The boss was eating while watching a movie. He was watching “SUITES”.

Fast forward to the same Brian at present, the very selfish person is standing on the streets asking “WHAT’S NEXT?” He has graduated and is job searching. He is hopeful that someone should employ him. A young man who can’t even take care of the home where he has been privileged to stay. A young man who can’t even say “Thank you” to those who are caring for him. A young man who is old enough to buy his own boxers yet he is still begging to be helped. A young man who can’t even wash plates after his meal. These are things that show that you are ready to be with others. Brian can’t even mop his bedroom which he shares with the kids. For now, I will omit his drinking problem.

Here is my message to Brian…

Dear, Brian, who is going to employ you with such manners? Companies are looking for people who are selfless.Brian, you must change the way you look at life. Attainment of a degree does not get you a job. There is more that needs to be added to that degree. Integrity must be added. Self-discipline must be part of the package. Learn to do what you are not told. Learn to look at the obvious. You are not a baby to be told what to do. If you want a job, learn to be humble.

You are not entitled to any job with that kind of laziness. Unless you change the way you look at life, things will not go your way. If you want to get a job in those big corporations, start by taking care of your guardian, her kids and the home in general. In that way, you’ll be able to take responsibility in someone’s organization.

That’s all for now. Next time we’ll talk about your drinking problem.

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