A man once told me to pay close attention to the people we consider mad, or lunatics eating from garbage pits. He was quick to add that not all of them, but several are “the chosen ones”.

This is why sometimes you see them once, and never ever see them again. The first thing I asked was, how someone living like that can be considered ‘chosen’.

He said, to reach the highest level of Spiritual heights, one must not have ‘hang-ups’. In our day to day life, we have way too many distractions, to be able to reach a certain level of Spirituality.

Here at Nnalubaale, we have people that we call “Abawonge”, “Abaluuta Nsozi” and “Abaluuta Nnyanja”, people who live similar lives in the hills, who do nothing else but light fires that must never go out, and meditation. Some were well to do at some point in their lives, and have no idea how they ended up in the hills.

I met one at the historical/cultural places. He told us how he had ended up at this place, where he literally does nothing, but hold a rod and a spear. He told us how wealthy he once was, but lost everything to end here, ‘by force’, against his will.

It so happens, unbeknownst to him, that over One Hundred Fifty Years ago, his forefathers did the same job, had the same calling. At this stage, he wasn’t allowed to have more than Ten Thousand Shillings on him, under ANY circumstance!

We actually met one who wasn’t allowed to have a penny on him at any one time. You may ask ‘who’ was refusing them, that I will go into now. But, the severe consequences for disobedience they faced, is not for the faint-hearted.

Several of Biblical Prophets and those dedicated to Temples, lived in the wilderness, and society usually labelled them “mad”. They lived off wild berries and honey, forest food.

If you observe Buddhist Monks in Tibet or the Sadhu’s in India, the first prerequisite is for one to “lose everything”. All material things must be left aside.

The Bible and many other texts have so many examples that espouse the folly of mixing material wealth and serving the Spiritual Realm; it goes on to say, serving two masters is impossible.

In this moment in time, Traditional Nnalubaale Spirituality is going through the upheaval of mixing “pleasure and the calling”. Lots of ripping off of people, con artists, Priests using people sexually in droves etc.

People who seek for healing and guidance are known as Abazzukulu, to whoever has the calling in these places; this has nothing to do with the age of the Priest. It has to do with the Guardian Spirit(s) who he serves, who’s sometimes as old as time. Hence, the ‘flock’ are “Bazzukulu be”.

The moment wealth sets in, humanity deviates from Holiness and the calling. Pride and haughtiness sets in. This is when people forget who they serve and who called them to serve and start thinking that they are the ‘attraction’ and have the powers. Big mistake.

The notion in Christianity and Islam, which are going through the same upheaval for centuries now, is ‘Judgement day’, where you’ll be judged after you die, at a time in future.

There is a saying here; “Lubaale yeyogerera talimbwa”. If you mess up your calling, your comeuppance is instant, while you are still on this earth, endlessly too!

It is virtually impossible to fully overstand the Spiritual realm, no matter where on earth you are, and still remain what society calls ‘normal’. At the very least, you cannot be considered wealthy materially.

Many a time, people like these are outcasts, far removed from the society, even though they possess immense powers; powers way beyond normal.

There was a lady in the hills who was a Priestess with immense powers. Once possessed by her Guardian, she would raise a spear and ram it hard in her thigh, then she’d call three strong people to pull it out; they’d all fail! She’d pull it out without so much as a drop of blood on her or anywhere.

By the time she passed on, she’d lost her calling and power, coz she got involved in a relationship with a ‘Muzzukulu’. She’s the second person I know who faced a similar situation. The other one too, got married to a ‘Muzzukulu’.

Celibacy is another very huge test that the chosen ones face. It might be the hardest of all tests for human beings. That’s why, you find that in almost all forms of Spirituality, celibacy is part of the foundation, for the Priests and Priestesses.

Starving human desires, denying oneself of all the pleasures and material wealth that leads to distraction from the calling, is the reason why we see very few genuine Abawonge/Monks/Nazarited in existence.

That’s why I pity those people who stand at the pulpit and ask the congregation why they go to the hills and Ebiggwa to seek for help from those ‘dirt poor people with nothing’, and wonder how a poor person can help one open the doors to wealth, yet they themselves are poor.

Preachers like these have zero Theology. One of the plainest texts in their Bibles is when their Savior says; “Sell everything and follow me”. He knew exactly what he meant; to reach a certain level of Spirituality, you need no baggage.

This statement has been twisted and retwisted so many times, in order to suit modern-day society, and the gluttony of Christian leaders. You’ll find that the biggest landlords in the so-called Third world are Christian institutions.

It is what it is, plain and simple; “Sell everything and follow me”. The gist; Your money has no value in the Spiritual realm (Obwengula). Your material possessions will hold you back from the mission.

You’re now so distracted, and because money is a powerful Spirit, you can longer tame it; you’re now shamelessly robbing the poor. You can’t help yourself but sexually feast on the flock, the Bazzukulu who come to you for help.

This is why the Abawonge/Nazarites/Monks etc were either separated by the powers that be in the Spirit realm, or they separated themselves from mainstream society, to spend as much time as possible meditating and receiving messages that help, heal and protect humanity. They sacrifice themselves, bear the brunt and carry the load on our behalf.

Two days ago, one of them confessed to me that the burden was getting so heavy and hard to bear. He’s been at it for FORTY-FOUR years! He cannot move away from it. He must serve, for the benefit of the Bazzukulu in his lineage.

Your well-pressed suits, pristine shoes, big cars, lights and cameras are the glossy paint that covers the rust underneath; your rust.

Yes, you are powerful, and you may even possess the powers to do ‘minute wonders’; for there are all sorts of powers in the Spirit realm. But you’re certainly not after Holiness and Righteousness.

For to be Holy and Righteous, is to be “mad” and modest. I don’t even need Jesus to tell me this, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.


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