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To all those sending me this particular video, I put the question to you; Who or what is Abalaasi, and why are you sending me this particular video?

I’ve never been ‘Omulaasi’, however, I’ve been a Rastafari/Rasta, oh yes, for decades.

Incidentally, I cannot see a single Rastafari on that platform in the video. Can you? If you can, how can you tell one who is?

Yeah yeah, I know so many people chose to hide behind the song ‘You Don’t Haffi Dread To Be Rasta”, but I need to let you know that you also don’t have to wear a school uniform to be a student, nor military fatigues to be a soldier.

The question is, will the school administration allow you into the school without uniform when the rest of the students can only be identified by their uniform?

Will you be allowed in a military parade without uniform?

How about those Bishops, Clergy and Religious leaders you cherish and respect so much? Ever wondered why they wear and carry all those rods etc?

An outward image and identity is so powerful that, a quack Doctor can wear a Doctor’s coat/gown and pretend to be a Doctor! People will flock to be treated by the quack, purely based on what they see; a Doctor’s gown.

This is exactly why all the people in this video are wearing red attire and red berets; it’s the identity they’ll never leave at home again, to show the public what they belong to.

This is NOT to say that all those who lock their hair are Congo Natty/Rastafari Movement brothers and sisters, no.

But, if it looks like a bird, flies like one and sounds like one, then it is indeed, a bird.

Here’s a message to members of the Rastafari Movement in Uganda;

Whenever the Rastafari Movement has been invoked and their likeness (and songs/doctrines/messages) used in nation politics (visit Jamaica for example), the Rastafari ALWAYS lose out, no matter WHO wins these elections battles. Rastafari are the first to be locked outside the door.

Just ask yourself this; Why do those who join nation politics, feel the need to remove the one thing that publicly expresses their Rastafari identity; the Natty (Engule Ey’Obutonzi) from their head?

This is because in order to APPEAL to the very shitstem that pushed them to join the Rastafari Movement in the first place, they need to shave off their identity so as to perfectly FIT in the very system that segregated them.

If standing for offices forces you to remove the one visible identity of the Rastafari Livity, probably because it ashames you or you won’t be accepted by society, how then can you stand in truth on your two legs and invoke the Rastafari Movement Livity?

When you were all lost and disgruntled, you flocked Pan African Freedom Square to fetch wisdom from the well of the Rastafari Movement. Do you remember?

You all gained the confidence to overcome the pain and rejection, then used the messages and teachings from the well to become national icons, Superstars!

If you cannot proudly carry the Rastafari crown on your head NOW, when going into battle with the same mainstream society that once considered you a ‘muyaga, omuyaaye, omubaanda” etc, then you have not only muddied the well for the existing Rastafari, but also for those who will come next.

This message also goes to brother BUCHAMAN and his crew;

Please, go back to the well of reasonings and cleanse yourselves. The image of the Rastafari you’re giving the public is TOTALLY WARPED.

Bucha, is that what you were taught about the Rastafari? You don’t always have to talk or answer questions you’re not sure about.

Do not mix Raggamuffin ideologies into Rastafari Livity. Choose where you fall and be the example of your choice. Do not misrepresent the Rastafari Movement Livity.


I also did notice that brother RAGGA DEE has shaved off his locks to run for Mayor. It’s perfectly fine to have locks and not subscribe to the Rastafari Livity.

Dear brothers; Bobi, Ragga Dee etc, I’m wishing you the very best of luck in your endeavours, but PLEASE, if you are now ashamed of being seen as Rastafari by the society, then the Rastafari Movement shouldn’t be invoked in your new endeavours.

For when the going gets rough and the hunters come calling, while you can now hide and disappear comfortably among and within the populace and they won’t be none the wiser, a Rastafari can be spotted from miles away, and will always bear the brunt!

In 1976, Bob Marley (who you love, and who also sang ‘Crazy Baldheads’ which is the side you’ve crossed over to) once sang; “Don’t involve Rasta in your seh seh (talks/gossip). Rasta don’t work for no, CIA”.

Prophetically, very soon after this song and others, Rastafarians became shooting/target practice for Police and Politicians, forcing Rastafari who had survived the brutal Coral Gardens massacres, ‘under the underground’, as if they weren’t already under the ground.

Good luck to you all.

The Future Shall Be Ancient.


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