Whirl Wind #Stories4Health


                                                                                       WHIRL WIND #stories4health

Economic trends and blueprints have been scattered and battered

Boarders, Shops, Markets and Schools have been shut down

Dead bodies in western lands like flies

The birth point of the wind, has now contained it

Heads are high, thinking it’s biological attack

Handshakes, warm embraces, kisses have been banned,

Not to mention the clubbing and PDA

No live music to entertain the short life

No sports to witness the Champion of the match

Kids have been stopped from discovering world secrets

From distance, a trumpet has been blown to restrict mass gatherings.

Oh gosh! Domestic violence’s rate is shooting high,

Family feuds have been triggered,

Men are frustrated with no working allowances,

Nowhere to socialize and make love to wine,

Men, let’s  hold our anger to our close ones.

The whirl wind carries the coronavirus

This animal can be deleted with soap,

Let’s wash our hands frequently with detergent,

Sanitize them too with Sapele water,

Avoid close contact, keep distance

And wear mouth masks, neither touch your nose nor mouth

Health workers are at risky mostly in developing countries,

Politicians, please utilize the corona funds accordingly

Mr. Preacher man don’t mislead people,

Precautionary measures must be taken.

                                                                                                  By mashallo samilo

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