Where’s peace?

Where’s peace? I wonder.
I’ve looked for it in thick shrubs and open grasses
And dug ditches in my mind during straining ponder
But finding it was as hard as joining pieces of broken glasses.

I thought it was the femur of sleep.
The strongest reason for one’s love for “unconsciousness”
But some dread dreams induce internal weep.
Hence the interest in visiting that other world is less.

Where’s peace when your words are pocket knives
That cut us into seemingly unequal halves?
You’ve rejected the sky-clear differences between our lives
Which don’t make us cat and sheep but lovely calves.

Where’s peace when you’ve laid a bed for envy in your heart?
You change for it sheets every week as though it’s a dear lover.
You’ve planted a hedge fence of hatred to keep us apart
And since it’s watered by your blood,it’d be worthless climbing it over.

Where’s peace when people now only bear it as a name?
It lost sacredness and is  merely thrown around.
You’ve denied yourself peace and no one is to blame.
A heart without peace is a thirsty cracked ground.


Written by Lule Raymond

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