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News has been about a young man from Arua who successfully lost his tuition to betting and then abducted himself. He is not alone, I almost lost mine in 2001.

During the End of my first-year internship which was normally done at the University, I met a guy who treated me perfectly well in Lugbara when he has me talk on phone. He was very friendly and told me how he is happy his brothers are at the university. After telling him that I was in my first year doing Civil Engineering, he said his boss is actually looking for a young engineer who could work over the weekends. I got excited and knew my pocket money is going to increase.

We walked with the guy to Old Kampala to his boss’s supposed office. As we were about to reach the office, a driver from Congo to Mombasa arrives with a very expensive mineral in a glass bottle. They talk in Swahili and after the friend comes to me and tells me how his boss wants that mineral and it costs 300m. But the driver got it for free in Congo and just wants 10m. He says if we can buy it at 10m then he will take it to his boss and we get 300m. So he proposes we share the cost 50:50 so that when we get the money we also share 50:50. That comes to 150m. I told him the only money I have was 2m in the bank. He says ok I get the 2m he will put the 8m. But then he proposes my share will be 100m. I quickly came up with a budget for that money, buy some house, buy a car, buy a better phone, etc. within a minute the 100m was budgeted. Guys you should see the speed of the BODA BODA we went with to Wandegeya Post Bank.

I went straight to the bank and withdrew the 2m which my parents had just deposited that week for my tuition. But out of excitement I decided to call a friend who is bigger Andama Alfred Kili and narrated to him how I am just about to become a 21 year old millionaire. He quickly told me your money is about to be eaten. That the same guy ate him 1m the previous week. As the guy was hearing us talk, when I turned to see the guy he had disappeared in thin air.

After that event I ended up becoming an Anti conmen expert bailing out my friends on several occasions. Ever since that time I became very alert and concentrated in my studies until when I successfully graduated in 2004. 

Young man and Lady, the conmen of now have become more sophisticated than our days. Be careful. Concentrate on your studies.

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Written by A'ita Jaffer Joel (2)

An Infrastructure Consultant, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. CEO Joadah Consult

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