What if ladies used ‪#‎EyeBrowsOnFleek‬ as self-defence weapons?

‪#‎EyeBrowsOnFleek‬ is one of the latest fads in the women’s beauty industry. For those that are not following the trends allow me to break it down for you. With this one, makeup artists employ all the tools in a mathematical set to ensure that the eyebrows on a ladies face look like an overturned Nike logo. Then they mow them to get rid of the natural bushy state of eyebrows and be they creative enough, they’ll even add a gradient. In the absence of enough hair on a ladies face to do all this art, a pencil will be called in to provide artificial alternatives.

The ladies that are into fleeking their eyebrows are not shy to share selfies on social media to show off their ‘eyebrow game’. To show off how on fleek dem eyebrows are, the brow of one or both eyes is usually raised to give prominence. If done well, the lady looks like she is asking you a question. A naughty question! If done wrong, it comes off like the lady is in shock, or constipated. Sometimes it even looks like a centipede is taking a tour of said ladies face.

But I’m not here to diss. Being the out of the box thinker I am, I have seen a potential business idea in this trend. What if we could turn these Nike shaped eyebrows into boomerangs, hmm? They already have the shape and now all we have to do is figure out the physics to make this possible. I’m thinking we make them adhesive to the skin and when removed, the boomerang develops ant man abilities that allow it to become bigger and be used as a self-defence weapon. And the beauty of boomerangs is they return to the owner after doing off with the enemy and as such can be returned to their storage place on the forehead of the lady.

Ladies, seeing as you’ll be the target market for this, consider this post as market research. Are you in for this revolutionary tool of beauty and self-defence?


Written by Byagaba Roland

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