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We All Need Help Sometimes

Growing up, I knew that I had to do everything myself. I never thought I would get to a point when I have to approach someone for assistance, or even talk to. I knew I was the fighter the world needed. Maybe spending most of my life in boarding school gave me an independent spirit, or should I say more confidence about myself. Little did I know we all need help sometimes. It will always get to that one point when you cannot stand on your own. But how easy is it to open up, how to choose who you can talk to? Can anyone relate?

I think what gives me comfort most in such times is that I have a father in heaven who welcomes me to talk to him anytime, any day, any minute. As in, I have several times found myself talking to myself – okay, that’s what it feels like – but no, I be having some KB with God.  It feels awesome knowing that he listens to me all the time.  

I remember in my primary school…best school ever btw, where we were taught as children to always whisper something to God about how we felt at the moment, or how we wanted him to take us through certain situations. This stuck and you can imagine how many years I have happily enjoyed whispering to God every minute of my life.

Let’s face it, the people around us, whether family or friends that came into our lives that we are able to talk to, share laughter, success, the sad moments the joyful ones… I mean everybody needs a friend.

Sooooo, as we learn how to juggle through this thing called life and learn to appreciate the people around us that truly care, may we never forget we have been loved by the best and he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Let’s enjoy these blessings friends. It’s totally worth it

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