Unseen Nemesis. #Stories4Health

A cold wind blew over the land,

Whispering of an insidious danger.

Nemesis of mortals emerges,

From the land beyond the great ocean it came.

It consumes the earthly vessels of mortals,

Consuming every soul that stands in its path.

It slithers into their bodies,

Through droplets of aerosols.

As mortals sneeze, cough, spat and touch each other,

The nemesis grew stronger.

It spread throughout every nation.

No land was saved from its wrath.

Men, women, children fell prey to the grim reaper,

As the nemesis ravaged their bodies.

There was great sorrow and trepidation among mortals.

Mortal healers waged war against the scourge.

The healers named the nemesis corona virus.

Fever, dry cough, tiredness reveals victims of the nemesis.

With their godly desire to save humanity,

The healers gave protection against the corona virus.

Washing of hands, use of Personal Protective Equipment,

Use of hand sanitizer, social distance protected the people.

While the healers spend sleepless nights to find a weapon of vaccine,

Mortal men hold onto undying faith in their quest to overcome the nemesis.

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