Many individuals dream of owning their own homes, but the perceived high cost of construction often deters them from taking the first step. This misconception can lead to years of renting while their dream home remains a distant aspiration. In this article, we’ll explore a practical and affordable approach to home construction, emphasizing the importance of initiating the process as soon as you secure your land.

1. Overcoming the Financial Barrier:

It’s a common misconception that one needs a substantial amount of money upfront to begin building their dream home.

Consider the example of a 3-bedroom house with a price tag of 60 million shillings. Many assume they need at least 20 million shillings before even thinking about construction.

The key is to change this mindset. As soon as you secure the land, you should commence the planning and design phase. This can be done with a relatively modest budget.

2. The Power of Planning and Design:

The first step is to have the architectural designs for your home created and approved.

Once this crucial step is completed, even a budget as small as 5 million shillings becomes sufficient to start construction of your 3-bedroom house.

Our personal experience demonstrates this feasibility; we initiated our home construction journey with just 20 million shillings, and five years later, we entered our house.

3. Consistency and Patience:

The key principle is to remain consistently engaged in the construction process. Even if you can only afford to build a wall with five bags of cement at a time, remember that slow and steady progress will eventually take you far. Delaying the start of your construction project will likely result in many more years spent on renting, making it crucial to commence as soon as possible.

4. Taking the First Step:

The journey to home ownership begins with designing your dream house.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider seeking the assistance of our professional team. They can guide you through the design process for a friendly fee.

To get started, call 0775905675 to discuss your home design needs and begin your path to affordable home construction.


The phased approach to home construction is a practical and attainable way to make your home ownership dreams a reality. By starting with the design phase as soon as you secure your land and consistently making progress, you can overcome the financial barriers that often hold people back. Don’t delay any longer; begin your journey towards affordable home construction today. Call 0775905675 to take that crucial first step.

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Written by A'ita Jaffer Joel (1)

An Infrastructure Consultant, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. CEO Joadah Consult

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