Ugandan Online Media Publishers Unanimously Vote To Block Local Google Ads

The Online Media Publishers Association – Uganda (OMPA) has today resolved to block all locally generated Google advertisement on all its members’ websites.

The association reached this unanimous decision in the interest of safeguarding members’ commercial interests in light of a growing trend by local companies to redirect digital advertising to ad serving operations, notably, Google Ads. This has led to a loss of significant amounts of revenue for OMPA members. Similarly, however, all other alternative ad serving operations will also be blocked.

Local organizations henceforth will not be able to have their services/products displayed on Ugandan OMPA member websites if their advertisements are channeled through Google or other ad servers. Only foreign ads served by Google (and similar operations) will be allowed to display on members’ websites.

This move is aimed at encouraging Ugandan companies/institutions/organizations to make good use of local sites which enjoy a combined audience/reach of 8 million people to market their services.

“It is our belief as an association that this will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship where indigenous websites are empowered to grow thanks to the advertising revenue from local partners while at the same time delivering an even greater value for local advertisers by reaching wider audiences” the organization’s president, Giles Muhame said at the meet.

Members will in future consider how to move forward with public relations stories.

The members that passed this resolution are:

  1. Muwado
  2. Matooke Republic
  3. ChimpReports
  5. Eagle Online
  6. Xclusive Uganda
  7. Trumpet News
  8. Kampala Scene
  9. Campus Bee
  10. The Ugandan
  11. The Watchdog
  12. Big Eye
  13. PC Tech Magazine
  14. Kawowo Sports
  15. SheSpell
  16. CEO Magazine
  17. The Investigator
  18. Showbiz Uganda
  19. The Insider
  20. GURU8


Written by Muwado

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.

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