Today is my last day on earth. But don’t worry about it, I have a plan.

All I ask for is that you indulge me today if you can. Make some excuses for my errors if you don’t mind. Forgive me if I mistakenly step on your toes and give no room for grudges.

Permit what you may be tempted to label as my excesses. Overlook what you may tag my follies, and give some room for my perceived  childishness.

Remember, today is all I have left.

Don’t tell me not to do it; don’t say it is too risky, for when all you’ve got is one day left, nothing becomes a risk.

Meanwhile, call me if you’ve got some airtime. Text me if you don’t have enough of it. Better still; send me a WhatsApp message if you have some data left.

But by all means, talk to me, for I have something to tell you.

Remember this is not the time to get angry or concerned for any reason. And that’s because, after today, all that you’ve ever experienced of me will be gone.

So laugh with me if you can. Smile for me if you will. Tell me your last joke because, after today, nothing of such will matter anymore.

Don’t try to get too busy for me on a day like this, for after today, I will never appear on your to-do list anymore.

So let’s go out for lunch and eat our last meal.  Nameere’s roadside food joint will suffice, for what matters now is not the food, nor the place, but the moment.

Let’s go to the cinema and watch our last movie. Better still, let’s make our own movie, let’s take some selfies, and  make some memories.

Don’t be too hard on me if I laugh too loud in a manner you consider ungentlemanly, or carry myself in a fashion you may deem unbefitting of my class and status, for when all you’ve got is one day left, class and status loses their meaning.

And if I ask you – “How are you?” Trust me; I really want to know how you are.

And if I say – I love you; don’t doubt me, because a man with a day left to live does not have time for tricks.

And if I say you are beautiful, count on it, because when you are running out of time, you don’t have time for flatteries.

On this last day, can we take a trip to the village for the city has become too cosmetic? There is too much makeup and surgeries everywhere; perhaps we may still find some maidens with some real breast.

While at the village, let’s walk those bushy paths that lead to the stream, and there have our last swim clothed in sweet nakedness.

Let’s sing with the birds and the frogs and try to avoid that temptation of making a comparison of their voices because time is too short to judge others when you have one day left to live.

Finally, allow me some space to make some peace with my maker. For alas, after this day is over, I will return from whence I came.

I have made peace with myself. I have made peace with my fellow man. And now I make peace with God.

So, to my fears, failures, laziness, pessimism, bitterness and all other negative things, I have lived long enough for you and today is that last day, for the mother of a positive me is experiencing labor pains and will birth me anew.

I will be that which some relatives didn’t want me to be.

I will be armed with a pen as my spear and a paper as my shield for the  battle ahead will require too much of my brain.

I will have no time for all that is negative including friends for when the old me dies, there will a burial ceremony for all things bad.

For all the bad things in my life, I will say R.I.P.

And for you who is reading this, if you’re not yet dead to negativity, I suggest you do.

Re-channel your energy to more meaningful things like Rotary activities.

Shade the old garmets stained with negativity and put on new ones with pure thoughts.


Life may not always give you a chance but if you’re still alive, then you need to rid yourself off those things that block your chances.

A blessed day to you!



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Written by Eninu William

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