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To Tear The Iron Curtain

Just as a physical body is with its various stages of growth and maturity, so is a soul. Invisible as the process may seem, the soul’s metamorphosis is as real as body growth. But it takes a keen “eye” and a charged curiosity to venture into this shielded process. Be not fooled by the causal words such as “keen” and “curious” used to describe this process, to think that these are simple matters to ponder, neither do I mean to suggest that soul searching is the reserve for the gifted few. On the contrary, it’s a beckoning for all. I am a simple writer and I have dared to be curious.

To a man in his mid-thirties just as I am, whether you notice it or not, or even acknowledge, you are at a stage of your soul metamorphosis that is of utmost importance if not the most crucial. In acknowledgement that this indeed is a crucial yet complex and confusing season, I have termed it as “to tear the iron curtain”. A journey where the soul is struggling to break free from what it has come to know and hold as the truth; Its mindset, beliefs, its anchor. But break free from what?! Break free to another dimension, to another realm, the realm of the unknown and to the dimension of faith and freedom. Freedom to soar to the land of fate and destiny.

In the current dwelling place for this young soul, the norm and expectations seem to be at odds with the beckoning world beyond. The current aspirations and desires for any typical young man make up what is known as a perfect harmonious life. This pursuit begins with a good education, which then guarantees a stable source of income, then get a wife dearly loved, sire a manageable number of offspring’s, shelter them in decency and nurture them to respectable character. And the hope is for this cycle to be complete when the hurdle is passed on to the now mature offspring’s to pursue the same. And then the parents will blissful fade into the happy after life, as they have worked hard to please God all the while. These are the prevailing circumstances in effort to attain the aforementioned perfect life.

But all is not well inside the fortified walls. There is a crack in the iron curtain, I am afraid! The young soul is restless, to lose the politeness, in fact it’s tormented. This is not a soul at ease – the uneasiness is not in the fear to not attain the perfect life, but from a deep hunger, a mysterious beckoning for something more and beyond. Something better, a piercing call to greatness, an enticing invitation to service, service beyond self to a purpose beyond the prior envisioned pursuits. There is a ruthless fire inside this soul that is unquenchable. Its scorching heat has birthed an excruciating heartache. There is a crack in the iron curtain, I am afraid.

A choice has to be made as to which beckoning this soul will respond. To seal the crack or to tear it further, to recoil or to embrace, to advance or to retreat. For the fire in this soul rages on consuming anything in its way, it won’t settle for anything less than freedom. To break free and soar beyond the iron curtain. It desires to embrace destiny, to a life where skills are put to service beyond self, where talents are not for enrichment but for the betterment of others. Where passion and purpose are a constant company, where focus and commitment are the only choice, where love and unity is the driving force, where justice and fairness is the consequence. As it so seems, to tear the iron curtain is the only choice.

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