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Thrilling White Water Rafting Locations In Africa

If there is something the African continent was blessed with, it’s plenty of everything beautiful. Every country on this continent has something worth exploring, something that will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Across the continent you will find something for everyone, including some of the best white water rapids that any thrill seeker would want to experience at some point on their adventures.

Blue Nile Falls

Cascading down from the Tana River one of the major tributaries of the River Nile in Ethiopia, the Blue Nile falls give you a spectacular experience with gorgeous views of the wildlife in the area. The rapids are classified as Class V.

Mangoky River

Madagascar is beautiful, magical and full of many unexplored wonders, the rafting experience will take through an adventure on the bubbly Mangoky River whose surroundings are home to many different species of Lemurs, butterflies, birds and you get a chance to see baobab trees too along the Class II rapids.

Ahansal River
Ahansal River

Ahansal River

Up the Atlas highs through Marrakech runs the Ahansal river that gives birth to the Cascade D’Ouzoud a phenomenal waterfall that will cost you approximately 30 Dirhams to paddle through for a good experience near the Ouzoud.

Orange River

No, the river is not Orange as the name states but the it was named after the Dutch Royal House by Robert Jacob Gordon and has its origins from the Drakensberg mountain. Orange River or Senqu River is the longest river in South Africa and is also ranked among the best locations for beginner or expert rafting experiences right from the Augrabies Falls. You will pay close to Rand 4000 for the full experience.

Bujagali Falls

The most popular rafting destination in East Africa Bujagali, known to the Basoga (a tribe indigenous to the area) as Budhagali is one of the best white water rafting locations Uganda has to offer. Right on the White Nile with Class V rapids, get ready to be excited and thrilled at the same time. The area is also best for bungee jumping and kayaking.

Zambezi River
River Zambezi

River Zambezi

The Zambezi is one of the longest rivers in Africa and home to one of the highest falls in Africa. The river is located in Zimbabwe with Class V rapids near the Victoria falls making them very conducive for a thrilling paddle adventure. White water rafting near the falls is very suitable for experienced rafters and not advisable for beginners.

Rufiji River

Formed by the confluence of Luwegu and Kilombero rivers, Rufiji is found in Tanzania an East African Country with unfound beauty. Though the rapids are rated at Class III, rafting along the river is worth experiencing with the surrounding scenic beauty along its shores.

There are a number of other locations you choose from including: Manambloo and Breed rivers in South Africa, Tekeze and Omo in Ethiopia among many others.

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