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This is about the humanity inside us more than it is about gay rights

The above image depicts a round-up of revellers at an LGBT friendly bar, surrounded by police.

There’s a very interesting scene in the Bible when Jesus was like, chilling with a prostitute and everybody was like, ‘What the fuck, dude?’ and he said, ‘Let he without sin cast the first stone’.

That simple message has gone through 99.9% of the ears of all Christians I’ll wager. Hence the normality of a war on gay people over and over and OVER again.

When will we start being ashamed? These are our brothers, sisters, colleagues and friends. This raid alone has cost many jobs, family and don’t even talk about being outed without their consent.

This shame, it comes when? We were not ashamed when many years ago, an honestly bat-shit crazy white man called Scott Lively urged us to embrace the American pro-family boohaa and bring to an end the recruitment of school children into the vice and if only they had been let in sooner, the prevention of the Rwandan massacre.

Coz you know, the gays do everything.

We are not ashamed when homosexuality is introduced into the school syllabus so that it’s more efficient to indoctrinate children to hate each other. And themselves, if they’re gay because that is a guarantee.

And so the pastors and the politicians writhe a population ridden with poverty to seek out and find a common enemy to slake their thirst. And I recall the cries of the naysayers and denialers (it’s a word, just take it): “But Uganda isn’t a dangerous place to be gay! That’s just white media propaganda!”

What were you lying again?

Seriously, if we’re really going back to the days of the witch trials, can’t we use toys instead of humans?

Can’t we use toys instead of humans?

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