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Thin Walls

For eight months she had been cordial. For eight months she had referred to her next door neighbour as Hajati, even though she was uncertain whether Hajati had been to Mecca for Hijja. For eight months she had grown to adore Hajati’s pesky kids Fahd and Mariam; and for 4 months she had asked about the little one. Always getting the same answer – ‘He is ok’.
If it weren’t for that one night seven months ago when she had been awaked by the carnal sounds coming throught the walls, Daisy whould have continued to think Hajati was a lonely pious woman. That night Daisy wondered who that man might be. She lay in bed and tried to visualize him mounting Hajati like a raging bull. She had not seen a man visit (not seen men’s shoes outside Hajati’s door – is more like it.) Were the kids in the same bedroom or were they sharing the living room with their maid Scola? It was a little after 2am on a Friday night and the noise went on for about 20 minutes. Daisy heard Him cum with a definate roar (probably just like the Spartans in their moment of weakness).
As the hours ticked by, Daisy lay in her bed and contemplated her life.
She had moved into this one-room apartment as an emergency solution. Her previous ladlord had increased her rent by 400,000 without notice forcing her to move out of her three-bedroom duplex into this dusty and noisy estate. For her, this was supposed to be short term. But too many things had happened and she was barley holding on. Her job security was threatened daily and she had no real savings. She had cleared out her account to make the necessary changes but was struggling with her basic bills.
She tossed and turned and cursed Hajati for the rude awakeneing. Yes, rude awakening indeed. She didn’t remember the last time she had a man share her bed. Or even a kiss. Was this how it was going to be?
What did she lack? Why didn’t all the guys that swooned over her body stay? She didn’t need to try to look good like most of the girls in the city did. She was tall, smart and beautiful – but she was alone.
Darn Hajati and her loud sex! Darn her and her mystery beast who sounded like he was all the man for her and more! Darn these friggin’ thin walls


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