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When 2020 knocked in, everyone was extremely happy and excited to be among the lucky ones to witness the 21st century and I was also among those lucky ones.

But since this year began, alot has happened locally and internationally and these are major historic events that are going to be talked about and remembered for centuries. 

Internationally, so far worst situations have happened for example; deadly wild fires in Australia, Ukranian flight crash in Iran that killed all passengers, Kobe Bryant (basket baller) who died along with other seven passengers in a helicopter crash in California, President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial, black lives matter protests due to death of George Floyd and covid-19 which started as an epidemic in China and later became a viral pandemic to mention but afew. All these mentioned are heart breaking and terrifying. 

I guess you are thinking that am not aware of what is happening in my country Uganda! How can I be silent on what is happening in my mother land? Ofcourse I can not skip writing about the events of my country because l live here and therefore am aware of most of the things that happen in my country.

Uganda has also tasted the venom of 2020. Tragedies like infestation of flies called locusts that are a threat to man kind and plants, Lake Victoria flooding and land slides that are claiming lives and leaving many people homeless and this is worse in western part of the country in Kasese and Bundibugyo. But don’t forget that Uganda is also a victim of covid-19 pandemic.

Though a lot has happened, but covid-19 pandemic is the most scary event world wide because its transmissible, claiming a lot of people’s lives, disrupting our ways of survival and it’s a period of total silent.

Due to covid-19, a lot is changing and life may not be as we know it after this is all over but who knows when its ending! We can’t figure out yet what the new normal is going to look like.

Many have already lost their jobs and others are not certain on how long they can hold onto. No one prepared for this situation because it just happened like a thunder unexpectedly and therefore its still hard for us as humans to adopt to this new change.

It’s my first time to witness nations on lockdown and quarantine including my country. 

Adults understand that the purpose of quarantine is to prevent the spread of the pandemic but its difficult for children to understand why they are not allowed to go out during the time of quarantine and this inflicts fears with in them.

When people of any age have been at home for a long time, they sometimes feel agitated, depressed and bored. This pandemic is traumatizing every one.

Horrible cases like gender based violence, defilement, rape, poverty, hunger and hopelessness are striking high. Since schools also closed, many school girls have been impregnated at a tender age and some are chased from homes by their parents and therefore they have lost hopes of returning to school and perhaps that could be the beginning of their agony.

Most efforts and funds are put in fighting against covid-19 which is not bad but remember we have been dealing with serious diseases and situations even before covid-19  so I wonder how we are going to continue surviving coz even the nation is in financial debts.

Many are saying that 2020 marks the end of earthly life but how can I differ from them! Because we are experiencing the same thing and our hopes are in God.

If God gives us a chance to witness more years, definitely we shall never forget the year 2020.

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Written by Rehema Namuddu (0)

I am a female Ugandan aged 24year. I am a home care nurse. I live in Lubowa, Entebbe road.

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  1. A well written piece.It makes one ask why would God allow so much misery and suffering to His creation.People say this Corona virus is the work of the devil,some say it is God’s wrath poured out.because mankind is so evil and corrupt.Maybe mankind needs to repent and ask God to forgive us.There is no easy answers but I think we have to show love and compassion to the needy and vulnerable in society then each one of us will be making this world a better place.

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