The things we hear, How they are said, How we interpret them and How they affect us.

Are you a light sleeper, an insomniac, or worse still both??

Personally, mosquitoes have traumatised me. Once I hear one buzzing, they might as well be 53 playing in an orchestra. My nights are spent contemplating whether the noise is real or imagined, searching for the ‘next one.’

It got me thinking about the things we hear, how they are said, how we interpret them and how they affect us.

We land on one of our Ugandans whose favourite ‘greeting’ is ” You have put on weight” (please stop) and we begin to ‘notice’ people constantly staring. It must be the weight, right?? Kumbe the woman in the supermarket is working up the courage to ask the name of your hairpiece and your cousins are gossiping about the friend you brought to the party as they look in your direction.

You get into a relationship where sharing your views is seen as being too loud or complaining and suddenly each time you open your mouth to say something, you have to second guess yourself because you are afraid everyone thinks like your partner.

The reverse is also true. Words of affirmation stay with you (in some weird way, the hurtful ones are more memorable, is it because we hear more of them or because we don’t value the positive vibes as much? Please share your thoughts.)

I digress.

You could be second-guessing something as simple as your outfit and then the first person you meet at work compliments you. You get a spring in your step and this newfound confidence could earn you even more compliments and stares (the good kind, I guess)

I am still haunted by some painful words that stuck and reminded of affirmations which keep me going especially on days when I can’t tell myself what I need to hear (or believe it)

Are you really a bad writer or did you stop because of that one teacher who broke your spirit?

Is your creativity stifled by your busy schedule or your parents’ reminder that Art is not a career?

Are you the one telling yourself you can’t do it??

What did you hear growing up, or even recently that has kept you from doing that which you desire? (Meanwhile, those who said it have forgotten, are gone, living their best lives or don’t even contribute to your wellbeing) *Insert more truths about the whereabouts of your mosquitoes*

How often do you (even subconsciously) think “What will they say?” before making a decision. Be honest.

Are you still hearing the voices long after they are gone, long after they even matter?

I am challenging myself to listen to my (inner) voice more, to drown out the mosquitoes? and follow what I think, what I have learnt, what I know to be true. (Not that other opinions don’t matter but, am I true to myself first?)

I am also challenging myself to use my words wisely, to build others around me, affirm them and support them to listen to their voice and let it be heard, in its authentic form.

Join me, maybe?

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Written by Esther Kalenzi (0)

Celebrating life and humour; attempting to make a difference in deed and through my first love, writing.

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