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The Russia-Africa Summit, Are We Witnessing the New Scramble for Africa?

I do not share the excitement about these summits happening between Africa and the developed world. Why? Because we seem not to notice that there are two new sheriffs in town and they are ruthless, very quick in thinking, and rapidly gaining ground. 

This is a replay of the movie, “Scramble for Africa,” or maybe the remake. Because resources are diminishing in the developed world and Africa will, in the next 10 years, actually become the new economic and military base for the developed world. 

We have always been the sacrificial lamb for the powers that be.  We have literary built economies with our resources, blood, and sweat and mostly our ignorance. There are two countries that are at war, fighting for their portion of the cake called Africa, namely China and Russia. Africa is going to be the next China or Russia, and the next nuclear power plant base for these two at the same time or one of them.  

Two things here people! 

  1. Economy. 
  2. Military Power. 

Before I continue, an excerpt, “The Rwandan Cabinet has approved an agreement with Russia to advance the use of nuclear energy for “peaceful purposes,” a move that is expected to bolster relations between the two countries and advance the latter’s interests in the region” 

Russia is last among the countries of the world to be interested in African peace. 

More to read, “For now, South Africa is the only country on the continent operating a nuclear power plant. But in recent years, at least seven other sub-Saharan African states have signed agreements to deploy nuclear power with backing from Russia, according to public announcements and the World Nuclear Association (WNA), an industry body.  Chinese state-owned nuclear firms have also taken the lead in the region, sealing deals with Kenya, Sudan and Uganda, WNA data shows.”

Do our leaders know what’s going on? Do they see our resources being whisked away under our nose? Maybe they do, but they are too preoccupied with their personal glitches that they are willing to sell Africa at any cost. 

If Russia promises one African president, for example, that they will help him deal with the opposition that he is facing after the elections in his country, that they will find a way to quieten the people in his nation, that they will make sure to get Uncle Sam, and Boris, and France on board, to support his presidency, that the opposition in his country will be a toothless dog, what would he do? (It’s just an illustration). And all these African leaders have their own personal problems that they would like to see dealt with. So, what happens? 

The powers that be, through these summits, will use their magic, appealing to the weakness of our leaders, to sign these deals. And there is money involved, money and projects and policies, and building of roads and bridges, and school blocks

I am scared for Africa. But I am just a mad man ranting on Muwado. Are Russia and China justified to do what they are doing? YES! Are they exploiting Africa? Yes and No. Must they continue to do what they are doing? Yes. A country gotta do what a country gotta do. It’s a tough world out there. This call is for Africa and nobody else. 

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