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The Problem with African Academics

The problem with African academics is that they do not have any innovative and creative grit in them. African academics, it is very unlikely to find the next Mark Zuckerberg in them. Most of them are so obsessed with piling one academic qualification over another willy-nilly. Spending a great bunch of their lifetime in lecture rooms pursuing a very demented, colonial education system blissfully that actually isn’t rooted in the reality of our present contemporary demands. Well, their confidence is laced in the colonial fact that, with amassing all these qualifications, they will have added a tittle on their names. Something like Dr, Prof e.t.c. as if that even counts for much.

Actually, most academics are a bunch of lazy twats who resent using their minds to create something original but find refugee behind piles of books and constantly copying and pasting quotes of original academics (oh how I miss those ones that revolutionized the whole meaning and we’re a true epitome of active academics). Yes, I’ve said it!

And of course, some think that with a lengthy time buried behind books comes a higher chance to graduate into a job market where, because of their qualifications, they can be guaranteed or even “entitled” to a 6 digit pay, spacious office space, be chauffeured in the latest TX, have a security guard and amass allowances, fly for conferences in Economy class because of the assumed value they bring to the company they work for. A company or institution they barely contributed to its growth.

In fact, most are a bunch of spoilt old and exhausted brats, spoilt and exhausted by the many years in a crippled colonial education system and emboldened by colonial bookish knowledge. Knowledge whose value we haven’t yet seen. Most feel bizarrely entitled, entitled to recognition at burial ceremonies, at baby showers.? Entitled to invitations even to a village meeting to fundraise for a neighbour’s wedding, and if you haven’t noticed, they are the same guys who talk a lot at events they haven’t contributed a penny towards.

Most have a tendency of arrogantly reminding and flaunting their academic pursuits in our faces yet in innovativeness and originality to come up with something – – they are empty. And what aches me most, is that academics have this monotonous tendency of throwing wrong statistics on everything, as if to assert their assumed “intellectual superiority”. The same guys like speculating especially those who are politically charged. You see them on radio, TV Intellectually masturbating and feigning wisdom.

Question is, why aren’t our academics using their knowledge to solve the most pressing issues given the value they want us to attach to them? Why have they left drop-outs to run and solve the most pressing issues yet we have them and the country or organizations or even their parents have invested much in their education?


Written by Wabwire W'a Waheirire (0)

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