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The possible climate change dream according to Uganda’s Judith Heard

Ugandan Supermodel’s Eco-Revolution Sparks Hollywood Invitations

Via Bryan Morel Publications (Muhumuza Brian) 

In a dazzling display of eco-glam, Uganda’s fashion icon, Judith Heard, has unleashed a green storm with the launch of the “50 Million Trees for Africa” campaign.

Forget about red carpets; this time, it’s all about the lush green runway she’s creating across the continent.

Kasangati High School in Gayaza witnessed the runway diva turned environmentalist as Judith sowed the seeds of change.

With signature trees as her accessories, she not only kick-started a campaign but orchestrated an environmental symphony. Students weren’t just bystanders; they vividly became soldiers in the green revolution, learning from the fashionista herself about the art of saving the planet. In an exclusive chat through BRYAN MOREL PUBLICATIONS, Publicist Muhumuza Brian spilled some beans;

It’s fosho a green manifesto! We’re birthing a forest. Heads of states, international big shots – everyone’s invited to this eco-soiree. Picture this – a world greener than envy by 2050. It’s not a dream; it’s a fab reality!” The “50 Million Trees for Africa Campaign in Schools” isn’t your average school project. It’s a dazzling affair, cultivating eco-chic leaders.

And hold your breath for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards! Judith Heard is set to sizzle on Hollywood’s glitzy runway. Secure among the world top VIPs, alongside Livia Firth, Cate Blanchett, and Zendaya, these awards celebrate leaders who don’t just wear the latest; they drive climate and social action like it’s going out of style.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards – where fashion meets activism for a wardrobe revolution. It’s not just about the chic; it’s about leading cultural change and recognizing those turning the world into a runway for change. Judith Heard, aka Miss Environment Africa and Uganda’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment, isn’t just a pretty face; she’s a force of nature challenging the world to wake up to the urgency of environmental action.

In true eco-diva fashion, Judith Heard proves that saving the world is a runway-worthy revolution. Get ready for the green glamour because this supermodel is planting the seeds of change, one tree at a time. The world might just need a new shade of green to keep up with her!

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