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Is it Justified or Hypocritical for Christians to Insult the President?

As Christian Citizens we are biblically allowed to critique the President’s policies, hold him to account and challenge his unfulfilled promises. But insulting his person and family is an offence. For non believers it may seem okay, but for Bible believing folk, what makes us different from Jihadists with our verbal bombs.

I personally may not be happy with the government failures or corruption but the Office of a sitting President has to be respected, especially by Bible believing believers. Especially when we aren’t doing much in our small communities or local councils to influence change. Simply using our keyboards to make “noise”, then we go on with our days. I’m no “state agent”, I don’t support such arrests, I’m just telling you what your honest Pastor needs to know devoid of erratic emotion.

To give context, in high school one of the surest ways to instigate a fight would be to insult one’s mother. Or trying to bully or abuse one’s sibling. Many of us, if the personality of our parents were attacked, we’d go up in flames. So why are Natasha and Muhoozi any different? Does God love you more than them? It doesn’t justify the unfortunate Police arrest but points irony and hypocrisy.

Most of us, if our Pastor’s and Apostles personality was subtly insulted we’d erupt. Hurl insults back and cry foul. If sly remarks or memes make us go gungho for our spiritual leaders, then what’s with the hypocrisy? What’s Christian responsibility if it’s selective? And we complain the church is losing it’s power yet we abuse, attack, and unfriend any one who doesn’t agree with us?

Ironically, sadly some of the offensive keyboard warriors are parents who would get angry if their children’s personality was attacked. Whether true or falsely. Does it make it okay to openly throw sly remarks, low-key insults and abuses at a sitting President by a Christian because of freedom of speech? Yet Jesus purchased you freedom from sin? Yet we preach a good and better way!

Hypocritically, some of us criticised Bobi, or CNN & the Daily Show for targeting Donald Trump and insulting his presidency. Furthermore, as Christian keyboard warriors, many of us have parents or friends who are civil servants or work in Presidents office and paid our fees. Additionally, many of us wouldn’t exchange places with people unfortunately arrested for “communication offences”. We can call it martyrdom, but many of would do a “Judas Iscariot” if asked to exchange places. And we get offended when we are called hypocrites. Wow.

Yesterday’s unfortunate events and arrest shall pass and God will grant release soon. I’m sure of it and I’ve prayed for it. And I know other Christians will too. But as a challenge to Christians, let’s cut the hypocrisy and find more civil ways to fight the good fight even on a political stage. Let’s go back to true biblical Christianity and it’s effect on government. Let’s stop scandals, dramatic behaviour, abusing people on social media, being verbal bombs, keyboard wars, and insulting the president at the comfort of our homes. We have no absolute right to judge atheists or other denominations if our behavior is that of the world. The most scary Christian is one with a fiery tongue.

The Bible is clear on leadership and obedience of the law of the land. President Museveini has his shortfalls but is a father and loved by God too, and in power now by God’s authority. Contrary to belief, we have religious freedom more than 95% of the world’s countries. Let’s use this God given freedom to affect change in deed, character and fruit.

So Christian, responsibly voice your opinion and demand accountability. But before you go disrespecting the President and his family, ask yourself, what have I done myself, do I employ anyone, do I pay anyone’s fees, have I paid taxes, did I attend an L.C meeting? Churches and Christians who have direct community impact will affect politics in this country by leading the way. Be the change you want to see first. Better yet pray. Not keyboard rage, antics or hypocrisy. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility. Be Christ like.


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