The hope of tobacco companies is always in teenagers.

If you go back in your life or talk to smokers you know about when they started smoking, you will realize that almost each one of them started in their teenage years.

SIDE NOTE: A friend tried to introduce me to cigarette smoking when I was around 11. My mom found out. Nilipata kichapo cha mbwa. I never tried again.

The older we become the harder it is for us to start smoking tobacco (or using any other addictive product).In fact, if you haven’t started smoking by age 25, it is almost impossible that you will ever smoke.

If tobacco companies can’t introduce teenagers to smoking then their market can easily dry up in a few decades.

Marketing tobacco products is not like marketing cupcakes, which you can introduce to a 70-year-old and they can become a regular consumer and customer.

Tobacco companies know these realities about their products and market.

They have always put strategies in place to ‘get them while they are still young.’

The introduction of the so-called LYFT nicotine, and making it readily available in local kiosks seems to me to be one of those.

Even the packaging and flavouring seems to be done purposefully for kids. Seems so easy to group it together with candy and sweets.

The description that the product is targeted at people who want to stop smoking is a ruse.

Parents should be a lot more vigilant and enlighten their teenagers about these selfish and immoral business strategies by tobacco companies.

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Written by Daniel Ong'era Nyairo (0)

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