The curse of the gifted

Melissa Helser; a gifted worship leader with Bethel Music once said something about the heaviness of calling. In “No longer slaves”, she and her husband broke the barrier. We faced GOD and dealt with our fears.

In an interview-ish post, she spoke of how people often walked up to her and told her they wished they had the talent she and her husband had.

The ability to take life’s happenings and tie them in with GOD’s promises and in turn, make beautiful music.

She told them to not wish that wish. Because most of that music was made in the really bottom-part-of-the-barrel parts of life. In hindsight, so were most of the Psalms.

One DJ once told me of Radio’s creative abilities. How in 5 minutes, the man would turn a hum into a hit. I remember missing the duo’s first concert at Hotel Africana. One of my friends said that Radio sang the opening note and the crowd lost it. VIP appearances died. Everyone was on their feet.

Because, his voice. Radio’s incredibly beautiful voice.

I’ve seen posts on alcohol and drug consumption. Y’all will be fine.

But mostly, I’ve seen posts on talent. On a rare gift.

And here’s the thing; if you have anyone in your life who’s creatively gifted; please, please, watch out for them.

Look for subtle signs. Learn to discern breakdowns masked as more brilliant work. INSIST on them. I don’t know how GOD does it but creativity usually comes with a burden.

And sometimes the only thing that will help you is the accountability partners who know you. The ones who’ll help you deal with it all.

Radio gave Ugandan music a voice. Radio and Weasel gave me extra dance sessions with their music. Those men did the thing and they did it well.

Weasel, banaye. Let’s pray extra for him. He has lost a better half. GOD raise up people to insist and walk this path with him.

This day has been heavy. 33 is too darn early to go. And yet; this brilliant man most of us didn’t know personally, his loss has broken us. The man is gone. His gift is gone.

His legacy lives on.

Let’s look after the gifted ones in our lives; they battle with demons most of us will never ever have to face.

Let’s look after everyone in our lives; when the time comes, let no love be unsaid.

Rest well, Radio. Rest well. Osso, seeing as you’ll be hanging with the lyrically badass angels, please tell Timothy Kasirivu that I miss him.

Sing with the angels you were always a part of. Rest well, Radio.



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Written by Maureen Nagasha

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